The Hunt for my Creativity

So much has happened in the last month. So many memories made…tears shed…challenges…and always love. If there is one thing that abounds in my family, it is love. We may not always outwardly show it, but it’s there.
As a postscript to my last post about Ethel** (not her real name). I went off to visit her bright and early on the Monday morning with hopes of seeing the smile on her face when I told her what alias I had given her in my blog post, to find her bed empty. Thinking she had been transferred to the nursing home, I approached the nursing station and spoke to the nurses on duty who informed me that sadly, Ethel had left this earth on the day after I saw her.
I still feel upset when I think of it all. I found about her funeral and made an effort to get there but due to the flooding occurring in our area at the time, the funeral had been postponed and I had no way of knowing when it had been postponed to. So I said my goodbye to her quietly here at home and fondly  think of her wit and sense of humour regularly. Continue reading

A is for….

So in beginning this little challenge I have set myself to blog every day, I begin with the letter ‘A’. The purpose of this challenge is to share a little about me with all my quirks and foibles. Some days there will not be brilliant writing (ha ha) or meditative insights. It’s just a fun challenge I have set myself to get back into a regular writing habit.

Now A can stand for a number of things. It is after all the Alpha letter!
However in my world right now, A represents Art.
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Is this a sign of creativity?

I am many days behind in my reading but found this blog post by Doobster over at Mindful Digressions that made me immediately think “Oooh, I should blog about that too”. Doob’s post was in response to the Daily Prompt however mine is in response to his post 😉
According to Doobster (and the American Psychologist’s Society) a messy desk is the sign of a creative mind.
I take heart that this is the case rather than laziness on my part in keeping my various work spaces clear of detritus. Continue reading

Last night I sang … and other bits and bobs

It has been so long since I have opened my mouth and sang. I don’t know what has stopped me from doing it.
Well I do.
Nobody wants to sing when their life is filled with darkness I suppose.
That’s why I surprised myself last night.
I was in my usual auditorium where the acoustics are brilliant and the fans appreciative (on my own in the shower) and I had this sudden urge to open my mouth and sing. So I succumbed.
And it was great. Continue reading

Buzzing…. just buzzing.

Right now, I am buzzing.
After my post about drifting the other day, I have managed to have a couple of very productive days. But first and foremost,

Yes. I did. I felt so fan-blinkin’-tastic about it as well that I immediately took photos and posted them to FB. Since then, I have chatted with a couple of friends and comments have ranged from “Beautiful” to “About bloody time too”. lol
In my defense, it only took 5 months. I could have been a lot longer if I’d wanted. Continue reading

I’m a Gunna

My mother has an expression that she uses when describing people she has met in her life. She calls them ‘Gunnas’. That is, these people are always ‘Gunna do this or gunna do that’ but their dreams never reach their reality.
This morning during my meditation, it came to me that I have become one of those ‘gunnas’. Continue reading

What I’m working on…..

Let’s see. What am I working on in my life right now?
I am working on maintaining my calm.
I confess that the past couple of days, I have snapped more than necessary and the poor GG has copped my raised voice. In my defense, he wasn’t entirely innocent however I should not have snapped. I don’t usually snap at people but sometimes I do. And I don’t like it.
I am working on getting through the week.
There is nothing worse than knowing that you have four days left to work and a whole bucketload of stuff to be done before your final minutes and not wanting to be there at all. Continue reading