In uncertain times – be grateful

It’s hard to remain grounded with the world going mad around us. I confess, it concerns me as well, so I’ve had to try to stop watching television or listening to the news on the radio. Covid19 has impacted my world. Maybe not as much as it has impacted the world of others, but I’ve still felt the repercussions of it.
So, I don’t want this to be a doom and gloom post. Because when it comes down to it, we are all resilient human beings, and there are so many wonderful blessings around us. Continue reading

It’s Okay to Not be Okay

Last week I found out that one of my previous clients, Ethel**(not her real name) was in the local hospital.
I’ve always admired Ethel and got on very well with her. An ex-school teacher, she has survived a lot in her life including domestic violence and being a sole parent. Ethel’s mind is as a sharp as a tack and we have often discussed books, craft and world events and enjoyed a good laugh together. Her sense of humour is absolutely wicked. She is a ‘call it as she see’s it’ kinda lady.
So when I heard she was in the hospital, I went to visit. When I arrived, she was in deep discussion with two other people so I took myself off for a 20 minute walk and returned later. Continue reading

Tips for Mental Health

Today I am working on putting together a workshop on “Building an Emotional Well-Being First Aid Kit”.
As I was researching and putting together notes, I came across an article (I think it was a Reddit one but don’t quote me on that) listing tips submitted by their contributors on tips for mental health.
I have taken many of these tips and added my own insights to them. Many of these got me through the bad times of my depression and anxiety. Today, I still utilise many of them on a daily basis. (You know… because depression never really goes away). Continue reading

Stepping it Up!

The past 49 days have seen me taking part in the 10,000 steps challenge as part of a team in our workplace. My team is coming last but there are mostly admin staff on the team. (Well that’s our excuse anyway).
However, it has placed me in the position of having to focus on exercise every day. This is a good thing for me right now as there is much going on in my life and walking is of great benefit right now.
So the funny thing is just how I get my step count up each day. Continue reading

Adapting to Change

I need to go on record as saying that change is difficult for me. I enjoy my routines and knowing exactly how things are going to be. It’s the bane of the Garden Gnome’s life that I find it difficult to make decisions about a lot of things, preferring to go along with what everyone else wants to do (or eat). I’m happy to ride the middle road. (Maybe that’s a whole other issue there).
Yet, I’m learning that the only constant is change. Continue reading

This morning’s walk….

I don’t walk much these days. I know that I should.
And I intend to start walking again once school goes back (or one of these days, or….)
But when I do, it will be early (like just after sunrise) and not because I’ve got to drop the car to the dealers for a service later in the morning.
It wasn’t a big walk – just over a kilometre or so back home but it is up a gradual hill.
And it is really, really hot this morning. Continue reading

Don’t ask someone to help if you don’t like what they say

Many years ago I said to the Garden Gnome “Please don’t ever let me become like xxx”.
It is not that I don’t love this person. In actual fact I adore them but as I interact with this person I see the pain and suffering caused by their choices. Choices that I know that I make as well from time to time.
I don’t want to experience the pain and difficulties that I see my loved one endure on a daily basis. Perhaps that is selfish but it is also a self-preservation instinct I guess.
The Garden Gnome promised me that he would do this for me and I was pleased. Continue reading

Re-establishing routines

It’s that time of year where we need to get back into the ‘swing’ of things once more.
You know what I mean.
It’s now reached that second week in January where we go back to living ordinary lives again now that the hysteria and hype of Christmas and New Year has passed for another 12 months.
It seems to also be that time of year when we look at life and decide how we are going to tackle living day to day over the coming twelve months.
Well at least that’s what I’ve been doing anyway. (Although yesterday was one of those ‘out the window with routines’ kind of day because I had my First Born, the Fairy Princess, the Pixie Princess, my daughter-of-the-heart and her daughter and my First Born’s FIL join us at various times of the day as we celebrated the birthday of my Pixie Princess who is now 6).
Routines and housework go right out the window when you have little girls with balloons, streamers and birthday presents. Continue reading