I hate not being able to fix things

This morning I had to tell the Garden Gnome that I had received an email.
It was from a place he had jumped through hoops to gain employment with. He had turned up for an interview and been left standing at the main gate because there was a situation that needed dealing with and they had forgotten he was coming. They called and apologised and asked him to complete an application containing pages and pages of information about himself including everything relating to past medical issues.
It asked whether he had ever been treated for mental health issues.
He was honest.
We will never know for sure but we believe that this is what cost him the job. Continue reading

Kindness is a way of life

Often we read or hear ‘feel good’ stories where a person has gone that little bit further and extended a kindness to those who need it.
This is not a bad thing.
In fact, it is absolutely brilliant.
I have blogged so many times about kindness and its effects not only upon ourselves but on those around us.
However, I believe that in our efforts to point out the kindness of others through the avenue of social media, we often overlook the every day kindness of those around us.
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Is this a sign of creativity?

I am many days behind in my reading but found this blog post by Doobster over at Mindful Digressions that made me immediately think “Oooh, I should blog about that too”. Doob’s post was in response to the Daily Prompt however mine is in response to his post 😉
According to Doobster (and the American Psychologist’s Society) a messy desk is the sign of a creative mind.
I take heart that this is the case rather than laziness on my part in keeping my various work spaces clear of detritus. Continue reading

Why I blog….

A few days ago I read a blog post discussing the reasons that people blog. The main point that I took from the post was the poster likening blogging to Facebook and accusing those who blog of showing narcissism through their choice of what they post about.
Whilst I understand this person’s reasons for blogging are to raise awareness of issues in the world, I believe that they overlooked the fact that by highlighting these issues, they were in fact  highlighting their PERSONAL opinions of these issues thereby negating their argument. However, it is that person’s right to blog about whatever they wish – just as it my right to blog about whatever I wish to also. Continue reading

Letting Go of Judgement

I was challenged yesterday by my morning meditation to consciously let go of judgement throughout the day.
Every time that I felt myself beginning to judge a person or a situation, I was to stop myself,  let go of those feelings and replace them with acceptance and love.
I figured that this would be pretty easy task for me as I believed that I’m  not really a judgemental type of a person.
Oh how wrong I was. Continue reading

Releasing the past

I am now home.
I flew in yesterday (yes April I was on one of those long metal tubes suspended in the air) to my beautiful family after having spent the past 10 days with my son (who is also wonderful).
This morning as I updated my Louise Hay Daily Affirmations desk calendar  to the present date, I found the following affirmation for the day just passed:

“I release the past with ease. This is a great day, and I rejoice in it.”

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Gratitude, Achievements, Smiles and Comfort Food

Today, being Friday, I am taking the time to reflect on the past week and what has occurred. My reflections however are being hindered by the onset of the ‘lurgy’ that both the Tween and the Garden Gnome have had and are still getting over.
The processes of my mind are fighting through a fugue and the urge to close my eyes and spend the rest of the day in sleep.
However there are things to do and places to go. Continue reading