Tuesday Quote

When looking for today’s quote to share, I found many, many fine and wonderful quotes but I kept coming back to “Gratitude” as the theme for the today’s quote.

I am a big believer in gratitude as a way of overcoming many things in our lives. Life isn’t always easy, and it isn’t always sunshine, rainbows and lollipops; however it can be made much simpler by developing an ‘Attitude of Gratitude’. Continue reading

Tuesday’s Quote

Today’s quote comes to you courtesy of the delightful Pooh Bear who was such a wise little fellow with such a simplistic view of life.

Pooh-quoteIt really is the little things in life that are important. The little things that make someone else feel special or cause us so much joy that we think that our hearts will explode.
A smile.
A shared joke.
A small act of kindness.
Just the little things. ❤

Thought for today

I have a little tear-off desk calendar on my computer desk.
Last year, it was one by Louise Hay with her affirmations. I told the Garden Gnome that I would love another like that.
He gifted me with one called “Seize the Day” instead.

Today’s quote is one that I love. I will tear it off tomorrow and then take it to my pin board hanging over the desk so that I can read it again and again.

One of the secrets in life

is to make stepping stones

out of stumbling blocks”

– Jack Penn

Well Jack Penn. You have my gratitude for reminding me that when all is lost, and the darkness appears to prevail, the sun will come up and we will move forward.

On another note, my heart is with those of my readers in France right now. May the anger and anguish you feel right now be healed.

Kindness is a way of life

Often we read or hear ‘feel good’ stories where a person has gone that little bit further and extended a kindness to those who need it.
This is not a bad thing.
In fact, it is absolutely brilliant.
I have blogged so many times about kindness and its effects not only upon ourselves but on those around us.
However, I believe that in our efforts to point out the kindness of others through the avenue of social media, we often overlook the every day kindness of those around us.
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A life to be thankful for

So many of us (and I know that I am also guilty of this) whine about our lives. We are not happy with the way in which we were raised or we wish we’d not had to grow up in poverty. We were too spoiled or had a horrific childhood.
Well you get the idea.
There is always something that we are unhappy with.
It’s a shame really because like it or love it, the life we have is the life we have been given to live so we need to do the best we can to live it.
You may be wondering what has prompted this statement.
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Letting Go of Judgement

I was challenged yesterday by my morning meditation to consciously let go of judgement throughout the day.
Every time that I felt myself beginning to judge a person or a situation, I was to stop myself,  let go of those feelings and replace them with acceptance and love.
I figured that this would be pretty easy task for me as I believed that I’m  not really a judgemental type of a person.
Oh how wrong I was. Continue reading