Journal Prompt #7

What’s on your bookshelf and why is it there?
First let me begin by stating that in my home, there are many bookshelves. If I had a library room I would be extremely happy. (Flashback: I did once rent a house that was owned by the Anglican Church and used to be the rectory. There was a room built into the closed in verandah that had been turned into an office/study that had one whole wall of bookcases. I loved that room! Even now when I think of it, it brings a smile to my face and memories of warm, sunny days with a cool breeze blowing through whilst I studied at my desk in the room. *sigh*).
Okay, where was I?
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Journal Prompt #6

What can you find at home that you can find nowhere else?

Very old photo at our old home

It’s time to get writing again so I’ve broken out the journal prompts once more. Whilst I was scanning the list of prompts I have, this one jumped out and grabbed me by the shoulders and shook me until my head hurt. Not really, but it did get my attention although my head does hurt ๐Ÿ˜‰
Home – merely uttering that word conjures different images and emotions for us all. What does it conjure up for you?

When I ask myself what I can find at home that I can’t find anywhere else, I need to break it up into sections.


  • My own bed and pillow.
    Regular readers know just how much I love my bed and I am certain my bed loves me. It has molded itself to the shape of my body so that my rest is more restful and my sleep filled with dreams. My pillow cradles my head like no other pillow can. It has become my old friend.
  • My craft/computer room.
    Whilst other places have computers or craft areas, they are not mine. I have my computer set up how I like it. I know where everything is in this room, even if my family believe I don’t. I have a place for everything – my brushes, fabrics, books, magazines, canvases and other assorted items all have their own little niche and although this room looks disorganised and messy I still know where everything is.
  • My kitchen.
    No other kitchen is like mine. I know which knife is the best to use for different things and which saucepans suit whatever meal I am cooking. I know that my oven is hot and tends to cook things quicker than they should so make allowances for this. I know what herbs, spices and sauces I have in my pantry and just how long those leftovers have been in the fridge. It is set up in the way that is best for me.
  • My water features.
    Okay, technically they are the domain of the Garden Gnome but he put one just outside the window I am currently sitting beside, because he knows how much I love the sound of running water.
  • My garden.
    Another technicality – this area is also the domain of the Garden Gnome but there is no other garden anywhere in the world that has the Frangipani tree grown from the cutting from the one in my grandmother’s back garden or the rose bush given to us when the Tween was born. No other garden has the Buddha statues that were given to me by the First Born or the lantern I bought from a garage sale. And no other garden gives me the same kind of peace and satisfaction that I have when sitting outside in it.
  • My photos and knick knacks.
    We all have them – photos of our loved ones in frames around the house. Prints and wall hangings on the walls. Trinkets that have been given as gifts or purchased from stores. These are the little things that make my home reflective of who I am.

Emotional & Spiritual

  • Peace.
    Nothing can describe or match the feeling of peace I enjoy when I am in my own home.
  • Safety and security.
    I’m not talking about physical safety, although that is also true. When I am within the four walls of my home, I am safe. The outside world cannot intrude unless I allow it to do so. I know that those who love me are there for me. I am secure in their love.
  • Acceptance.
    When I am home, I am accepted for who I am. I have no need to put on a face to the world. Those I love see me ‘warts and all’.
  • Relief.
    As I walk through the front door after returning from anywhere, a sense of relief washes over me. I have returned to where my life is mine and not shared with others who are not loved ones.

I love to travel and be out in the world. I love to explore new places and open my eyes to new things but one of the constants I have in my world (and I know that I am so very lucky to have this) is my home. Although it is sad to return home after a holiday (vacation), a realisation of how wonderful home is returns with each arrival.
They say that ‘Home is where the Heart is’ and that is true. Although many places may feel like home – they never really are unless that heart is there.

Journal Prompt #5

Think of a time when you’ve won something. Tell what you won and how you won it.

ImageI have won a few things in my life – and Easter egg basket, toiletries and other small things. What I am prompted to write about this time is the last time I ever won anything. It was actually before Christmas and we had gone to our local RSLย club for dinner. They generally have raffles going there either to raise money for themselves or for other community groups. On this night, it was an RSL raffle with prizes including fruit boxes, meat trays, cash and alcohol. To the taunts of “you know you never win any of these things” ringing in my ears I went to purchase some tickets. Since it was a multi-draw raffle it went on for some time. Each time they got close to my numbers but not close enough. Each time the Garden Gnome rubbed it in a little more about me not winning anything. So I turned around and said to him “Okay, I’m putting it out the universe. I WILL win something tonight”. He laughed. He laughed even harder each time my number wasn’t called but I just kept repeating “I WILL win something”. I wasn’t worried about his laughter as I knew he was just having fun with me but I was not going to let him get away with it. It came to the last draw and he turned to me and said “I told you, you’d never…….” And then my number was called over the PA system.

A win has never felt so good.

So please share times you have won something. What was it? And how did you feel?

Journal Prompt #4

ImageWrite about a secret that you kept from your parents.

Well, I’m not sure that my mother ever knew this. If she did, she never let on and I’ve always thought that I got away with it…..

I love to read. This is no secret. Most of my life, I could be found with my nose stuck in a book. I figured that if I had to go to the toilet then it was a good place to read as well. Until my parents told me I couldn’t take a book with me. That kinda sucked a bit but I decided to find a way around that little rule. We lived in an old home in Blacktown NSW. It wasn’t my most favourite house that I have ever lived in but it had a great bathroom. At the end of the bath/shower, there was a false wall (it was actually the back of the linen cupboard that opened into the hallway). Anyway, it had a lip around the edge at the top and it was the most perfect place to hide a book. Funny how I always needed to go to the toilet when it was my turn to do the dishes!! ๐Ÿ™‚

Love you Mum!

So what secrets have you kept from your parents??

What Inspires You?

ImageI am working on my laptop right now and I have so many of my digital works and scrapbook layouts saved on this. As I was going through them and wandering down memory lane I came across this layout done in 2008. At the time I was designing digital scrapbook papers and elements for digital scrappers and selling them through U.S. online stores. I was also on the creative team of some U.S. stores as well. Most nights would find me sitting with my laptop and creating. It was definitely something I enjoyed very much.

I’ve mentioned before that I began creating an album about myself – otherwise known as a
BOM (Book of Me). Whilst this may seem a little extreme to some, it is actually a great exercise in getting to know yourself and explore your creativity at the same time. Many ofย  the online scrapping sites run challenges. These challenges give you a theme and you are required to create a scrapbook layout around this theme. (Much like the daily prompts on WordPress). The layout above was created in response to a challenge. I have chosen to share with you today what I created when asked “What inspires you”?

“So many things inspire me in my life and in my scrapping.

I find it in my family. They bring joy and love to my life.

I seek inspiration in books and in fashion.

I hold treasures of the past and other old things dear.

I find beauty in flowers and joy and fascination in the history of my family.

When I am in my comfort zone, the inspiration flows.”

What is inspiration? The dictionary defines inspiration as the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something (especially something creative). The literal definition of inspiration is “to breathe in and be filled with the spirits of the gods”. Greek myth explained that creativity can only come from the gods and that us (humans) can only be imperfect copies of the creativity from the gods. Hence, we breathe in their spirit in order to create.

There are many ways in which we find inspiration including listening to music, sitting in silence, watching people pass by, art or conversations with others. It is important to find inspiration in our lives. Without inspiration, there really is no purpose to our days. We don’t just require inspiration for writing or creating. We need it to have a reason to get up each morning. (Well I believe this is so anyway).

So my challenge to you all is to write about what inspires you. Or create a collage like I have. Writing or creating this may require some introspection however it provides the opportunity to learn more about ourselves. This is such an important thing to do because if we don’t understand who we are ourselves, we certainly can’t expect others to understand us. Once we better know ourselves, we are better able to heal and grow.

Journal Prompt 3


“What would people find in your garbage bin”?

Interesting question. Before answering this, I need to define which garbage bin we are actually talking about? Is it the waste paper basket that sits beside me here at the computer or is it the green wheelie bin outside? Is it the kitchen bin near the counter or the one under my desk at work? Each of these would have different articles hidden in their depths. So let’s start with the one beside me.

If I emptied the contents of this on the floor, the Garden Gnome (keeper of the vacuum cleaner) would swear because tumbling out would be fabric off-cuts and threads trimmed from my quilt as I’ve been working on it. You may also find empty printer cartridges and empty lolly (candy) packets (shhh don’t tell anyone). There may even be some screwed up paper but overall, not much in this bin to tell much about my life.

Putting on my CSI cap and channelling Gil Grissom (yes I loved the original CSI. Ted Danson just doesn’t do it for me), what would I find in my outside bin? Certainly nothing worth being paid all that money to be a CSI that’s for sure. You might find the cat litter, the bags from the inside bin and any bits and pieces the Garden Gnome has picked up from the front garden. The recycling bin might tell some stories though with newspapers, magazines, packaging and bottles. You’d find out where I lived because the local paper finds its way here . Really? There’s how many empty beer bottles? Does someone in this house really drink almond milk??ย  And who ate all that cheese?? Who loves Milo? My gosh, this house is insane!!! Let’s try the other bin again Gil.

Shine your flashlight over here Katherine. What is that? It looks like someone has chewed on the corner of whatever it is. Swab it and we’ll test it later. Move those banana peels out of the way and pull out that piece of paper. What’s written on it? Looks like a school note about end of year celebrations and a Christmas concert. What’s on that other piece of paper? Not sure, it’s a bit damp from the old tea bag (Tetley Green). It looks like a shopping list. They must have a pest problem because there is insect spray on the list. Looks like someone is going to do some baking as well. Lots of baking goods listed. Bag it Katherine, it could be useful. Move those watermelon rinds and the apple core. Can you see anything else that might be useful? Just some receipts from Target and K-Mart. Lots of toys. I guess that figures with Christmas coming. Hmmm they use Pantene for their hair. I’ve heard it’s good stuff. The weather has been hot lately. This bin is beginning to smell.

Well I think we’re done here Katherine. Not much of interest in this bin that would link the occupants to any crime. Let’s call it a night! ๐Ÿ™‚

Journal Prompt 2

Describe a contradiction that exists between your heart and mind

My goodness, I had to go and pull a hard one out of the tin this morning didn’t I?

When I got up this morning and opened the doors and windows to let the cool morning air circulate throughout the house, I spotted a pair of pretty faced wallabies grazing on our front lawn. My heart was filled with peace and wonder at the scene before me. Unfortunately, they were startled when they saw me with the camera and bounded away before I could snap a shot. I love my mornings. The house is quiet and the day is fresh with promise. My heart sings and then my mind tells me that I have to go to work today so I must make my lunch and iron some clothes. The singing dies away to a quiet hum.

My heart urges me to spend the day writing, sewing or being with my family. My mind tells me that I have bills to pay and Christmas is an expensive time of year so I have to spend time at my place of employment. The dream of my heart is to be a best selling author and to travel the world speaking to others and motivating them to become the best they can be. I’d love to show them that living a gratitude filled life is a way of healing from depression, abuse and grief. My heart wants to assist in the healing of those who are hurting. My mind tells me that my dreams are too big and that that is all they are – dreams.

It appears that my heart and mind are in constant conflict with each other. However, I am working at re-training my mind to believe that the heart has very valid points. If you can dream it, you can do it! My mind needs to learn this lesson. It needs to stop chattering and jumping around like a monkey and listen to the heart. My mind may think it is the boss but I could not live without either it or my heart. They are a team. The mind plans what the heart feels. This constant contradiction between the two must stop. They must learn to work together – starting today! And although I must go to work, my heart will still dream.

Have a blessed day ๐Ÿ™‚

Journal Prompt (1)

List 10 (or more) things that make you smile


1. This statue in the main street of Warwick that is dressed up with a scarf every winter ๐Ÿ™‚

ย Image2. Lavender. I love to see rows of this beautiful flower. I love when it flowers in my garden. I love it’s scent. Lavender makes me smile.


3. Melbourne. It is a vibrant and bustling city. I feel alive when I am visiting there.


4. A good book.


5. Rainbows. They are so beautiful.

Image6. Sunsets. The richness of the colours are always wonderful.

Image7. Fields of sunflowers. On the trip to my mother’s place regular crops are replaced with fields of sunflowers at certain times of the year.

Image8. Her Royal Highness Princess Smudge a.k.a The Diva.

Image9. Autumn leaves. We don’t see many of these in my neck of the woods so travelling south in Autumn and Winter is always special to me.

Image10. The mountains and the bush. Getting away from it all.

So there are 10 things that make me smile. Tell me what makes you smile.

Have a blessed day. ๐Ÿ™‚