Write it Out – Part II

ImageSo you’ve decided that you wish to write out your feelings but you don’t know where to start. Of course you can start with whatever is in your head and then take it from there if you wish. Sometimes the thoughts will flow naturally and spontaneously and other times you might find yourself staring at a blank page and not knowing what to do. Since writing is a great way to find out about yourself – or remind yourself of just who you are, sometimes you may need some prompts to get you going.

I have an old tin that belonged to my grandmother (I believe she used to keep biscuits in it) that I use to put journalling prompts in. What are journalling prompts you may ask. Or you mightn’t… but I will answer your question anyway. A journalling prompt is a question to get you thinking about events and things that have happened in your life. When I was scrapbooking in earnest, I used to do a MAAM album (My Album About Me). In the yahoo group that I belonged to, someone would give us a prompt each week to trigger our thoughts and recollections. In the following scrapbook layout “Pieces of Me” we were given the prompt to take a photo of a part of our home and to write about it.

Image“When I look at this picture, what do I see… and untidy dresser or are these things Pieces of Me?

I see my bouncing Tigger on the shelf and remember my excitement when I received him as a gift. Not the sort of gift you give to a thirty-something but a cherished one nonetheless. So is there a little girl still there inside me? I see untidiness and baskets of laundry waiting to be folded. Does this mean I am lazy or am I just busy? Maybe my priorities are different now that I am older. My eyes are drawn to the piles of books both on and under the dresser. Some are waiting to be read, some waiting to be loaned to my mother and brother, and some fitness books there purely for work reasons. I see gifts from my children. This shows that I am loved. I cherish the little things. I can see the tins of paint just waiting for (the Garden Gnome) and I to make time to paint the loungeroom and hallway. Then that will be one more room done in our ongoing quest to repaint the inside of the house. I see my great grandmother’s jewellery box. I cherish the belongings of my ancestors. What you can’t see is that inside are my positive pregnancy tests from all my pregnancies, and mementos from my past. My contraceptive pill sits on top of this so that I see it as soon as I get up each morning and don’t forget to take it. I can’t take the risk of falling pregnant again – an ongoing reminder that (the Tween) will be our last child. Along the back is the paperwork associated with my position as parent rep for (the Tween’s) class. I like to be involved in my children’s lives.

I see Granny’s Arum Lilies and butterfly. I remember giving them to her so that she could have her beloved flowers close by her when she moved to Carramar. I look at these each day and remember just how much I loved my grandmother. Then there is the band from the Lights on the Hill Foundation. I bought it in memory of David and his favourite truckie song. When I look at this photo I see so much more than an untidy dressing table. It truly shows pieces of my life”

June 2011

I included the journalling on this to show just how easy it is for a  prompt to take you on a journey of self discovery. There are thousands out there to help you begin writing. Just type Journalling Prompts into Mr Google and he will show you the way. If you wish, you can type out some prompts and print them out. Cut them into strips and place into a tin like I have and then draw out one each day. And discover more about who you are.

I promise as you work with the prompts, you will become more fluent in expressing yourself and better able to write your feelings out.

Have a blessed day.