Listening to the Voice within

Most of us are familiar with Jiminy Cricket. He was the conscience of Pinocchio in Walt Disney’s adaptation of the story. We all have that voice within – or without – that talks to us. I’m not sure why Jiminy popped into my mind when I began this post but he’s kinda cute so I kept him.
My post is more about the voice within that speaks to you that isn’t your conscience. Continue reading

I’m Channelling Britney Spears….

You know…. “Oops, I did it again!”
That is, I’ve gone weeks between blog posts once more. I think the wheels have fallen off to be sure.
But here I am, checking in and letting you all know that I am in fact still with you and still the crazy, confused and mixed up person I have always been.
So what have I been doing with my life… besides not blogging? Well, I’m glad you asked. So in my self indulgent way, I will begin to tell you… Continue reading

And the world keeps on turning….

My hand upon his arm to steady him, we walked up his long driveway toward the house he had lived in for much of his life.
“You don’t need to walk with me. I’ll be fine you know.”
“I know” I replied. “But this way we get a chance to chat before I have to continue on my way”.
He smiled as he replied “I’m 93 years old now  but I can still get around”. As he said this, he straightened his back a little and we began chatting about how he loved to dance when he was younger. I thanked him for humouring my two left feet when we had shared a dance earlier in the day and he laughed saying “You held me up. We helped each other”.
Nearing the spot where his wife of 50+ years was waiting, I said goodbye and wished him a lovely afternoon telling him that I looked forward to seeing him again soon so we could share another dance.
But he didn’t come again. Continue reading

What makes me angry

The other evening, I was asked the question “What makes you angry”?
That’s a pretty good question really, and one that I answered without hesitation.
What does make me angry?
Inequality is one.
Then there are the keyboard warriors that inhabit every form of social media that spew hatred, intolerance and righteous indignation.
Then there are those that value money above all other things. Because of the mighty dollar, we retrench hundreds of workers within our country to send jobs off-shore, historic buildings are demolished to make way for shopping centres (malls) and CEOs of companies are paid hundreds of thousands of dollars for doing what exactly? And don’t get me started on the pensions and kickbacks that politicians get. Continue reading

Thoughts on Self Improvement

As I was doing the ironing the other day, my mind began to wander. (It often does that when I’m busy doing other things). This time, rather than hoping that I would remember the train of thought later, I grabbed my dictaphone and recorded my thoughts so that I could write about them when I got the time.
So where were my thoughts off to this time?
For once, they weren’t concerned with work or study, they were actually pondering life. Continue reading

Having Second Thoughts

I read an interesting article the other day about our thoughts and our character. At the time, I thought “that’s interesting” but didn’t pay it much further thought until a day or so ago. The premise of the article was about our thoughts and how they align with our character and I’ve got to admit that it made me feel a little better about myself. Continue reading