Monochrome Madness 2.2

This week sees me still up to my eyeballs in study and assessments so my contribution is from our trip to Sydney last July.
I’ve noticed that Leanne and Laura have begun numbering the challenges in such a way as to acknowledge that the challenge is now in its second year and this is the second week. 🙂
To check out all of the other awesome contributions, don’t forget to check out Leanne’s blog. Continue reading

Through my Lens – My garden

Okay, the last week has been difficult for me as I have battled a combination of hormones and circumstances that have pulled me down and covered my mind in that grey veil that obscures all the good stuff.
The hard part is (and I journalled about it this morning) is that my mind is at war. There are two parts of it – the part that is saying “This too shall pass” and the other part that over-exaggerates every little word and thought until I feel like I am going to collapse under the weight of it all. Continue reading

Friday Check-in

What a week it has been so far. I have found that scheduling my posts appears to be working well because I am seldom at my computer for the reason of reading blogs, commenting and writing my own posts right now.
I have a weekend workshop coming up in a couple of weeks (as part of my studies) and I have a heap of prereading, webinars to attend and assessments to complete before I get there. This is limiting my time for the fun stuff – like reading blogs. 😉 Continue reading

Monochrome Madness – Week 52

I haven’t been a regular contributor to Leanne Cole and Laura Macky’s Monochrome Madness but I have been a contributor from time to time.
Today marks a special occasion for this challenge – the first birthday of Monochrome Madness!!
I’m sure when the girls began this challenge they certainly didn’t expect it to become so popular or to last for so long but it has endured the test of time. Long enough to celebrate blowing out a figurative candle at least. Continue reading

The Faceless Generation

I read an article the other day that was quite enlightening.
It was about the number of photos that are taken in this digital age and what the future may hold for them. It went on to examine the reasons that this generation may well become the ‘faceless’ generation.
As someone who cherishes the photos that she has from long ago and even from today, I shudder to think of a life without memories. Yet that is what is being predicted for most of the photos taken in this day and age. Continue reading

Through my Lens – Life

Life has a habit of catching us off-guard when we least expect it. How we react to circumstances can also sometimes catch us off-guard.
And that is how my week began last Monday.
Suffice to say, the issues that arose were not with me. However I have not escaped unscathed as I have fought all week with the black dog as a result.
However, I am a fighter and I am strong. The dog will not drag me along after him whilst I hang gamely onto its leash in my attempts to reign him in. Continue reading