Your Last Impression

From my friend Me – Who am I?
A wonderful lady with a terrific outlook on life who asks the big questions and challenges the perceptions we hold. 🙂

Me - Who am I?

last impression Imagine that this is your last day on earth. Is this the last impression you want to make? I heard this asked the other day on a news broadcast and it stuck with me. How often do we wake up and think to ourselves that this could be our final day, and then treat it accordingly? I would dare to say, rarely.

The news broadcast was focused on using common sense in the workplace. They mentioned such things as respecting your boss, not being a complainer and working as though you’re appreciative of your job. Of course if you want to lose your job, then ignore all of that.

At the end of the broadcast someone asked the question, “Imagine that this is your last day on earth. Is this the last impression you want to make?” Although they were referring to work, that question applies to all areas of…

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It’s Okay to Hurt

I often say that writing through your pain is good for the soul. I would like to introduce Matt to you. His writings touch my soul again and again. He has made me cry and made me laugh. And I admire him. Please enjoy this post.

Must Be This Tall To Ride

hurtheart1Sarah was just a child when she lost her big sister.

A gorgeous 17-year-old. Stricken with cancer. Died in her bedroom in her father’s arms.

I’ll never forget it because it was my first funeral.

Second grade. Sarah was 8. I would turn 8 a couple weeks later.

Sarah watched her parents lose their first born. And she watched her four younger siblings struggle to make sense of it all.

Thrust involuntarily into the eldest-sibling role, she was forged in pain. In loss. From some of her earliest memories.

Now, Sarah’s a mom. She gave birth to two children. And after learning she would never bear children again, she and her husband adopted a child in 2010. Not two weeks old.

Baby M.

He was a beloved member of their family before he even got there. A brother to an adoring big sister and big brother. And the pride…

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