Through My Lens – Mt Coot-tha and Southbank Parklands

As part of my routine implementation, I am hoping to get back into my weekly “Through My Lens” posts out and about in Australia.
As you know, last week I went away for the weekend with the Son and my DIL beginning the weekend at the unearthly hour of 3.30am in order to catch the sunrise over Brisbane at 5.11am. We missed the beginning of the sunrise by about 2 minutes but we were there to watch it rise higher. If you missed those photos, you can find them here. Continue reading

Through my Lens – Sunday morning on Sydney Harbour

This post is a continuation of our holiday in July (and my last Through my Lens post).

Once we had found accommodation in Sydney (I will refrain from entertaining you with the details of THAT little episode) we sat on the bed in our room and discussed what we would do the following day.
The Tween and the Garden Gnome wanted to visit Bondi Beach. I didn’t really mind either way and was researching information on my phone about getting there. Our concierge (who was in the room making up a bed for the Tween) commented “Don’t even think about driving. Sundays are woeful for traffic”.
She suggested that we catch a bus to the Manly wharf and then a ferry into the city and a further bus to Bondi Beach.
We’re always up for an adventure, so we decided that this sounded the better option (and far less stressful for the GG’s navigator 😉 ). Continue reading

A Week Behind

I’m still roughly a week behind in my emails. Sorry to you all. I try to read and comment for a little each day but you all keep making more posts!! lol. Currently my inbox has about 391 posts still to read. 🙂

Therefore, today’s post is courtesy of last week’s Sunday Stills challenge to photograph a plane.
I have travelled to Sydney and Melbourne a few times now and I am always happy if I can get a window seat. It doesn’t always happen but sometimes it does.
These photos were taken on my last trip to Melbourne (via Sydney) using my little Canon point and shoot as I didn’t take my EOS450D with me this time. Continue reading

Through my Lens – Sugar Loaf Point Lighthouse

Join me on our travels further south down the New South Wales coast to the little town of Seal Rocks and the Sugar Loaf Point Lighthouse. I had discovered this little gem of a place whilst surfing the net one evening and suggested that we make it a point to visit on our road trip.
Unfortunately I didn’t take photos of the village (because it is not big enough to be a town) of Seal Rocks itself  that consisted of many holiday homes, beach shacks and a general store/post office. We had a mission to reach Sydney by nightfall so if we wished to explore the lighthouse, then we needed to forgo further sightseeing as I had already wasted valuable time that morning in the book fair. 😉 Continue reading

Monochrome Madness Wednesday – Cape Otway

It’s that time of the week once more.
The day of the week when Monochrome rules supreme and the amazing talents of photographers world wide are on show for all to see on Leanne Cole’s blog. Don’t forget that anyone can send a photo to Leanne for this challenge. You don’t have to be a professional, or even have a you-beaut-bells-and-whistles camera. The instructions for submitting your photo is on her blog.

This week, my photo comes from many years ago when we were travelling the Great Ocean Road in Victoria. Continue reading

Through My Lens – Coffs Harbour

Last week you recall, we left Lennox Head and the coast road as we travelled toward Coffs Harbour.
Arriving in Coffs, we drove around until we found suitable accommodation. by this time, night had fallen and the temperature was beginning to drop (well as much as it does on the coast in Australia lol). We have stayed in Coffs several times in the past, however this is the first time we stayed on the waterfront. The motel was situated across from the Bowls Club which was ideal for our evening meal. The club was extremely crowded and the meal wasn’t too bad however both the meal and the drinks were rather expensive. By the time we left the club, a winter’s sea breeze had blown up which almost made the Tween regret her decision to wear shorts that evening. She of course denied being cold although the presence of goose bumps on her legs betrayed her words. Continue reading