Through my Lens – Northern New South Wales

In the past week I have received many new followers to my blog, particularly since the posts I have put up about my son and depression.
For those that have followed me for some time, this post will not seem out of the ordinary however those that are new may find it interesting that on a blog about finding the beauty in life and living with depression, there is a photography post.
The reason for this is simple.
As part of learning to live with depression myself, I have found that taking time to do the things I enjoy is an important step to living a joy-filled life. Photography (and craft and sewing) are a part of this.
Each Sunday, I do a “Through my Lens” post about some of the road trips I have undertaken in the past. So please, come with me as I travel the roads of Australia. ­čÖé Continue reading

Through my Lens – Byron Bay

I have posted photos before from Byron Bay however on our last road trip (a few weeks ago), we passed through Byron once more.
Each time we visit we hope there will be less people, less traffic and somewhere to park at the lighthouse and each time we come away disappointed.
Byron Bay is located in New South Wales just below the Queensland border in the Northern Rivers region. It is surrounded by farming areas and is home to a magnificent beach that is popular with surfers. Continue reading

Through my Lens – Lightning Ridge

Reading the website for Lightning Ridge this morning, I literally laughed out loud at the opening words:

Have they all been touched by the sun?┬áThere’s something deliciously, refreshingly, awe-inspiringly crazy about the people of Lightning Ridge.

I would have to agree.
Driving into Lightning Ridge along a rather uninspiring bitumen road doesn’t prepare you for what you encounter within the (rather small) town that is Lightning Ridge. Continue reading

Through my Lens – Dubbo Gaol and on the road once again

When we first arrived in Dubbo, we knew we would be spending more than one night there so booked a room at one of the many, many motels for two nights.
It is easy to spend a full day at the zoo and we knew that we would do that and be quite exhausted at the end of it all. Having learned our mistake from a previous visit in which we spent all day at the zoo, got very sunburned and then drove another 100 kilometres or so afterwards to collapse in exhaustion that night, we knew better this time around. Continue reading

Through my Lens – Western Plains Zoo

I would have to say that this is my favourite zoo ever. Mind you I have only really been to a handful of zoos in Australia.
Dubbo Zoo is situated in central New South Wales and is known as the Western Plains Zoo. I love that the animals are not caged (apart from the birds in aviaries and the mesh fencing around the edges of the tigers). They are free to roam their area and in some parts many species of animals are housed together (e.g. antelope, giraffe and other plains dwelling African animals). The zoo has done its best to mimic some of the natural surroundings that these animals would find in their native homeland.
Of course my camera received a huge workout although I largely shot on auto the whole day. Continue reading

Through my Lens – Forbes and Parkes

As you read this, I have probably already driven through these towns once again on our current road trip however these photos were taken about four years ago.
Following on from last Sunday, we left Cowra after being at the gardens and travelled north. As we drove on, the rain cleared and the skies became sunny and the weather a little warmer.
Tummies rumbling, we decided that when we reached the next town (that happened to be Forbes) we would look for somewhere to eat. Continue reading

Through my Lens – Cowra

I am really enjoying sharing photos taken on some of our travels around Australia so far. The photos I am sharing are from a trip we did in 2010 was a lot of fun.
Part of the fun of road trips is not having a set plan apart from a couple of things that we would like to see and do. We get in the car and we just ‘go’. One of my main things that I did want to do on this trip was visit Cowra to see the Japanese Gardens. I hoped beyond all hope that the Cherry Blossoms would be in flower and I wasn’t disappointed. Continue reading