Life isn’t all Sunshine and Rainbows

As much as I’d like to say that life is filled with sunshine and rainbows, I can’t in all honesty look you in the eye and lie.
Life sucks sometimes.
Yes, the sunshine and rainbows are there. They are always there. However in the midst of our search to find them, we have to part the rain and storm clouds to get there.
Some wonderful politician in an attempt to relate to the general public, once pontificated that “Life wasn’t meant to be easy”.
Well if that’s not truth from a pollie, I don’t know what is. Continue reading

Adapting to Change

I need to go on record as saying that change is difficult for me. I enjoy my routines and knowing exactly how things are going to be. It’s the bane of the Garden Gnome’s life that I find it difficult to make decisions about a lot of things, preferring to go along with what everyone else wants to do (or eat). I’m happy to ride the middle road. (Maybe that’s a whole other issue there).
Yet, I’m learning that the only constant is change. Continue reading

Wisdom from Seniors #4

Today was an interesting day.
We had an outing to the beach for those of the seniors that wished to go. We didn’t actually get to sand, but sat and ate fish and chips on the broadwater under an awning.
The funniest thing was that we were joined by an Asian tour group who were astounded at the sight of a group of white haired ladies and gents eating fish and chips out of the paper they were wrapped in. We were the subject of many photos. Some even sat at the table with the seniors. Continue reading

Wisdom from Seniors #3

Several weeks ago, I sat with a delightful lady whom I shall call ‘Ester’ in the waiting room of the hospital emergency department.
We weren’t there for anything terribly serious, so don’t worry about that.
As we were waiting, conversation turned to Ester’s childhood (it is at this point that I should point out that Ester is about to turn 97).
“My father was a school principal” she told me. Continue reading

Wisdom from Seniors #1

Allow me to share a conversation I had today with a gorgeous ‘young’ lady aged in her early 90’s.

Me: “Hello Audrey* how are you today”?
Audrey: “I’m good thank you.”
Me: “That’s great to hear.”
Audrey: “Well, what is the point in feeling anything BUT good?”

I think she has a very valid point.

*name changed for privacy reasons



I wish I were


somehow over the years

my edges have become worn

and, at times

I admit to you

that my temper has frayed.

My conversation has been known

to be


Yes! And my soul

has been tarnished, and

my sense of humour

has warped.

As the years go on

my joints will become still

and my eyes will dim.

My body

will grow weary and tired

and my vision will fade.


I wish I were.


somehow over the years

my spirit

has grown stronger

and my resolve


I look to the day

when I will be at


once more.


Not yet!

But give me time!

(July 1982)





Carved by time

Drawn by experience






Lines that speak

Shout to the world

I am strong

I am wise

I have lived

Remnants of memories

Wondrous lines!

This photo is of my beautiful, strong, caring, compassionate and loving Grandmother who left our lives many years ago.

She will always live in my heart