Often, I lay in bed (or on the couch) and allow my mind to wander. I think about life as it is now and what is happening in my world (I try not to dwell too much on what is occurring in the world at large because that is just too depressing). Recently though, I’ve realised that my thoughts are often rooted in memories of the past.
Current events in my life appear to be the trigger for these flashbacks.
Then I think “I should write that in my journal”. However my journal (along with my blog) has been sadly neglected of late unfortunately. I need to spend a couple of hours of my time in writing and just catch up on everything that has been happening in the past couple of months. Believe me, it’s been a ride and a half but not altogether a bad one.  Continue reading

My week unplugged

I must confess that I have had internet for a couple of days now but kept away from the computer. It is amazing though just how much we have come to rely on the world wide web in this day and age.
Whilst I could access the internet on my smartphone if I needed to, it was difficult to pay bills on such a small screen. So many business rely on the use of the internet for our interaction with them these days.
I found it difficult to shop for Christmas gifts and resorted to doing it the old fashioned way of braving the crowds in a shopping centre with a list in my hand. Continue reading