B is for Birds and their Songs

Day 2 of my self imposed A-Z challenge designed to encourage me to share with you all once again.
This self-imposed exile from blogging has been a little difficult and I must admit that I miss making the time to write. I still journal every day but journalling is a different species of fish to blogging. Through each of these posts, I’m hoping to share a little insight into what makes me tick. Life changes and as it changes, many things about us change also. So this is a snapshot of me – ‘Sue, Suz, Suzanne, Mum, Ma’ as I am at this point in time.
Today I wish to share with you the letter ‘B’ proudly brought to you by Sesame Street. Not really, but it sounded good. 😉 Continue reading

The little bird with the big voice

This past week has been Bird Week here in my part of Australia and twitchers, birders, birdwatchers and ornithologists all over have been out and about identifying and recording bird calls and sightings to go into a national count. Run by the group Birds in Backyards,  even amateur bird lovers such as myself are encouraged to download the app and sit in their back yard and listen and watch for 20 minutes whilst recording the number and species of birds that they observe. This enables the group to compile a report on the changing habitats and habits of our little feathered friends.
So the past week has seen me with phone and field guide in hand ambling around my garden or seated in our outdoor entertainment area observing. Continue reading

Weekend Recap

Last Sunday, our little family was invited to lunch with some lovely young friends of ours at their current place of residence (and the property that they manage) at the base of Mt Barney.
Since we had been promising each other for years (i.e. each time we bumped into each other doing our grocery shopping at Coles in town) that we would get together for a BBQ, we finally made good on the promise. Packing the cheesecake and slice I had made the afternoon before, we set off late morning toward their home. It was a beautiful Sunday. The skies were clear from the winter storm of the previous evening and the weather wasn’t too cold at all.
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