The Hunt for my Creativity

So much has happened in the last month. So many memories made…tears shed…challenges…and always love. If there is one thing that abounds in my family, it is love. We may not always outwardly show it, but it’s there.
As a postscript to my last post about Ethel** (not her real name). I went off to visit her bright and early on the Monday morning with hopes of seeing the smile on her face when I told her what alias I had given her in my blog post, to find her bed empty. Thinking she had been transferred to the nursing home, I approached the nursing station and spoke to the nurses on duty who informed me that sadly, Ethel had left this earth on the day after I saw her.
I still feel upset when I think of it all. I found about her funeral and made an effort to get there but due to the flooding occurring in our area at the time, the funeral had been postponed and I had no way of knowing when it had been postponed to. So I said my goodbye to her quietly here at home and fondly  think of her wit and sense of humour regularly. Continue reading

A is for….

So in beginning this little challenge I have set myself to blog every day, I begin with the letter ‘A’. The purpose of this challenge is to share a little about me with all my quirks and foibles. Some days there will not be brilliant writing (ha ha) or meditative insights. It’s just a fun challenge I have set myself to get back into a regular writing habit.

Now A can stand for a number of things. It is after all the Alpha letter!
However in my world right now, A represents Art.
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Is this a sign of creativity?

I am many days behind in my reading but found this blog post by Doobster over at Mindful Digressions that made me immediately think “Oooh, I should blog about that too”. Doob’s post was in response to the Daily Prompt however mine is in response to his post 😉
According to Doobster (and the American Psychologist’s Society) a messy desk is the sign of a creative mind.
I take heart that this is the case rather than laziness on my part in keeping my various work spaces clear of detritus. Continue reading

On dreams and blessings


I often have dreams that are incredibly vibrant and stay with me after waking. I know these dreams are different to my usual “run of the mill” type dreams that I never remember afterwards. I have a book where I write down the dreams that strike me as ones I should remember. Should I ever decide to write fantasy/horror I have some terrific plots in that book 😉 Sometimes I look up the meanings of some of the dreams that I have. At times they make sense to me and at other times I just shrug and laugh (particularly the time my dream referred to my sexual inadequacy. I mean really????)

On January 1st I awoke after a most amazing dream. It had the ocean, pirates (the Johnny Depp kind), sailors, rocks, rolling green hills, neon lights of a big city on the horizon, downward slopes, amazing architecture, full pantries, household renovation, my cat and many other strange and amazing things that can only occur in dreams. It took two pages to write down my dream. I looked up the meanings of various things and this took another two pages of writing. If my dreams were trying to tell me something then I am pleased that they did. None of it was bad, in fact it was all good. And it left me excited at the prospect of a wonderful coming year.

Once I’d written down the interpretations of this, I reflected on the many blessings in my life. There are so many. I am surrounded by love, creativity and joy on a daily basis. You can’t get much better than that.

So I am working with the theory that you begin the year how you intend to continue. In that case, I will continue to dream – not only when I am asleep though. Waking dreams are just as important. I will continue to count my blessings and live each day with gratitude. I will continue to be creative. I will continue to eat will (with the occasional treat).  I will continue to love and care for those I both love and am fond of. I will continue to blog. I will continue to be inspired. I will continue to be there for others. I will continue….

This has been a great exercise in self reflection and it is one that I am glad that I did.

Blessings to you all. Have a blessed day 🙂

What Inspires You?

ImageI am working on my laptop right now and I have so many of my digital works and scrapbook layouts saved on this. As I was going through them and wandering down memory lane I came across this layout done in 2008. At the time I was designing digital scrapbook papers and elements for digital scrappers and selling them through U.S. online stores. I was also on the creative team of some U.S. stores as well. Most nights would find me sitting with my laptop and creating. It was definitely something I enjoyed very much.

I’ve mentioned before that I began creating an album about myself – otherwise known as a
BOM (Book of Me). Whilst this may seem a little extreme to some, it is actually a great exercise in getting to know yourself and explore your creativity at the same time. Many of  the online scrapping sites run challenges. These challenges give you a theme and you are required to create a scrapbook layout around this theme. (Much like the daily prompts on WordPress). The layout above was created in response to a challenge. I have chosen to share with you today what I created when asked “What inspires you”?

“So many things inspire me in my life and in my scrapping.

I find it in my family. They bring joy and love to my life.

I seek inspiration in books and in fashion.

I hold treasures of the past and other old things dear.

I find beauty in flowers and joy and fascination in the history of my family.

When I am in my comfort zone, the inspiration flows.”

What is inspiration? The dictionary defines inspiration as the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something (especially something creative). The literal definition of inspiration is “to breathe in and be filled with the spirits of the gods”. Greek myth explained that creativity can only come from the gods and that us (humans) can only be imperfect copies of the creativity from the gods. Hence, we breathe in their spirit in order to create.

There are many ways in which we find inspiration including listening to music, sitting in silence, watching people pass by, art or conversations with others. It is important to find inspiration in our lives. Without inspiration, there really is no purpose to our days. We don’t just require inspiration for writing or creating. We need it to have a reason to get up each morning. (Well I believe this is so anyway).

So my challenge to you all is to write about what inspires you. Or create a collage like I have. Writing or creating this may require some introspection however it provides the opportunity to learn more about ourselves. This is such an important thing to do because if we don’t understand who we are ourselves, we certainly can’t expect others to understand us. Once we better know ourselves, we are better able to heal and grow.

More Awards – Part 2


I have been awarded the Sunshine Award and the Inner Peace Award by Ann Bell at Tales Along the Way. Once again I am blessed and appreciative beyond words. I have been following Ann’s blog for some time and find her writing inspiring, funny and insightful. I hope you hop on over and check her out.

Directions for accepting the Sunshine Award are:

  1. Display the Award on your Blog.
  2. Announce your win with a post and thank the Blogger who awarded you.
  3. Present 10 deserving Bloggers with the Award – “who positively and creatively inspire others in the blogosphere.”
  4. Link your nominees in the post and let them know of their award  with a comment.
  5. Write 10 interesting things about yourself.

Here is my dilemma, I have so many awards to accept and so many blogs that I follow that I am going to combine my list so that those nominated may choose to accept both, one or the other or neither. It is completely their choice.


The rules for the Inner Peace Award are:

  1. Display the Award on your Blog.
  2. Announce your win with a post and thank the Blogger who awarded you.
  3. Present 3 deserving Bloggers with the Award – “who positively and creatively inspire others in the blogosphere.”
  4. Link your nominees in the post and let them know of their award  with a comment.
  5. Write a short piece on why you are accepting it

So here goes…. Here are my nominees for either/both of the awards

1950’s Memories of Suburban Adventures

The Commonsense Philosopher

A Holistic Journey

Spirit Lights the Way

appliedalliance – Nurturing Success

Be the love of life

Ten Interesting Things About Myself

What I find interesting you may find boring or vice versa… but here goes….

1. I collect Christmas ornaments, santas and decorations. The Garden Gnome just groans when he sees me bee-line toward Christmas displays. Although last year he bought me a beautiful little village with a ferris wheel for Christmas.

2. I love to take photos of animals, children and flowers. They are my greatest joy with photography.

3. I am very hard on myself and critical of my flaws. I am learning to love myself for who I am.

4. I love the sound of running water (but you already knew that). 🙂

5. I sometimes use sarcasm as a form of self defense.

6. I have lived in 27 different homes in my life.

7. I don’t like swimming in the ocean. (anyone seen Jaws)?

8. I love stationery stores.

9. Purple is my favourite colour.

10. I don’t feel my age.

Why I accept the Inner Peace Award

Inner Peace is something I am striving to achieve in my own life. I meditate, I breathe, I try to remember to stop and think before speaking. I honestly believe that to be happy within yourself and achieve inner peace, we need to look for the beauty in life and be grateful. We should explore our creativity through creative processes such as writing, knitting, crochet, sewing, art journalling, mixed media, photography….. whatever creates a sense of calm and purpose within you. We should love one another and show compassion and empathy. We should live our lives as we want others to live theirs. We should treat others the way in which we wish to be treated. When we do all this, then we can achieve a measure of inner peace.

Blessings to you 🙂

Don’t hide your talents


This afternoon I had a self evaluation and discussion with one of my managers. After working through each section of my position description and discussing areas of improvement, she asked the question “What talents do you have that would be of benefit to the organisation”? I thought about this before replying “I like to create”. Recently I spent three days working on our AGM report and updating it. I started from scratch and created the whole brochure ready for printing. It was hard work and I loved every minute of it. I would love to do more work of this kind. However, it’s not the first time I have created. I taught myself how to use photoshop and create backgrounds and elements for use in digital scrapbooking. I sold my creations in online stores. I submitted some of my work to a traditional scrapbooking paper and stamp manufacturer who turned some of it into real paper and wooden stamps. I remember my joy the first time I walked into a store and saw my paper on the racks for sale. I didn’t get rich from this. I didn’t even make enough to pay for a decent dinner. However, I gained immense satisfaction from my achievements. Creating things digitally is something I am good at.  I created the graphic above when the Tween was younger. I have this one printed and framed. It used to hang on my wall but it has been taken down for a spell but it will be back up there soon enough.

The point of this post is that we all have talents. Many of us hide them away whilst we go about our every day lives and jobs. We suffer through the days thinking that this is all there is to life and we can’t do what we enjoy and put food on the table at the same time. But it doesn’t have to be that way. I’m not saying to quit your job and start selling your art. (You can if you want though). What I am saying is to use your talents each day. If you can earn your living doing what you love then that is wonderful. If you can’t then it shouldn’t stop you from doing what you are talented in, in your spare time.

What is your talent? Is it singing? Dancing? Adding up columns of numbers in your head? Maybe like me, it is about being creative in some way. Whatever it is, nurture it. Don’t hide it.

Have a beautiful day 🙂