Monday! Yes, it’s Monday!

And so another week begins.
I remember a time a few months ago when Mondays were a day that I dreaded. I exhibited all the physical signs of anxiety as the day drew closer and then longed for the day to be over once I had arrived at work.Now, Monday is a day to look forward to.
It is the beginning.
How lucky am I that I get a new beginning each week? Continue reading

W is for Weekend (Through my Lens)

As part of the A-Z challenge, you get Sundays off however I have managed to fall behind. I must admit that I’m not really enjoying this challenge as it is difficult to write posts some days and I’m sure that is evident in my writing. I prefer to write what is in my heart or things that have happened and unfortunately they don’t always alphabetise themselves. 😉
Today (being Sunday) I am going to combine my challenge and my Through My Lens posts. 🙂
This weekend has been a big one for me. It started on Friday with ANZAC Day and I found myself going off to the march on my own. The Tween didn’t want to march without her friends this year and since they weren’t well, she decided she would stay home and watch re-runs of Dance Moms. The GG stayed home with her. Continue reading