Cyclone Debbie

Welcome to Australia.
We like to welcome many to our lovely country to share in the beauty of it all however in late March and early April we had a visitor that wasn’t so welcome.
Her name was Cyclone Debbie
All jokes aside about what Debbie usually does, in this case she caused utter devastation and loss of life. If you read the link above, it gives a brief Wikepedia overview of it all.
In our local area, we weren’t affected by the impact of the cyclone itself but the aftermath of her being downgraded. Generally, cyclones turn into tropical lows that result in a lot of rainfall. Debbie however, also retained the winds and the Bureau of Meteorology images still showed a distinct eye as she moved steadily south. Continue reading


Monday Musings

I am going to attempt to schedule some blog posts again since my life remains chaotic to some degree. When it is not chaotic, I am tired. When I am tired, I lay on the couch with my iPad and play mindless games before having an early night.
Either that, or I spend the time working on work stuff.
It’s one of those things, that when something occurs in life, priorities often need to be changed.
Unfortunately my blogging has been one of those things.
This is sad, because I really love my blog and the interactions that I have with all of you. So I am doing my best in keeping in touch even though it may be sporadic. Continue reading

Stay safe coastal Queensland

As I write this, Tropical Cyclone Marcia has just crossed the coast of Queensland.
Where I am, it is safe. By the time it reaches us, it will have blown out and we will only have some strong wind gusts and heavy rain.
It’s already raining here and has been most of the night however.

I have friends in the cyclone’s path and I am concerned for their safety though. Schools have been closed and people are being evacuated in the immediate storm path. Our area does suffer from localised flooding so we are being told to prepare. Thankfully, we live on the side of a hill and the Teen’s school texted me this morning to advise that they are still open today.
In other news, I am well. Extremely busy and I have the best intentions to write a blog post and then life happens. I have many comments on my last post to answer however this morning, I have other commitments so will get to answering them when I can. Perhaps later this afternoon or possibly tomorrow.
We have to travel into Brisbane in this rain this morning. I’m not looking forward to it but I’m pleased that the Garden Gnome is an excellent driver.
We should be home before the worst of the weather arrives.

Funny how the world is in extremes right now isn’t it? I’m thinking of all of you in the Northern Hemisphere who are snowbound whilst we are anticipating flooding.

Take care all. Be safe.
Many blessings.