And the results are in

We had our local show last weekend.
Once again, I left everything until the last moment to get my entries organised but I managed to get a few in.
My lead up to the show revolved around organising and gathering the entries of our clients as well as my own. This year, I also worked a stand on behalf of our organisation for a large part of the time. Continue reading

Off to see Santa

There is too much heaviness in the world right now and so here is my effort to lighten the mood.
As I sit listening to the Pandora Christmas station, I was inspired by Cybele to play around in photoshop once again. I haven’t done this in quite some time but it is always a fun exercise. Continue reading

Monday Smiles – Television ads (again)

Many times, television commercials just get it plain wrong. I must admit that I really can’t stand the ads that show the perfect family enjoying unrealistic ‘quality time’ and smiling at things you just know you would pull your hair out over.
I prefer the ads that make me laugh or smile although I must admit that I have certainly enjoyed a lot of laughs with the Garden Gnome as we make fun of the unrealistic ads. Continue reading

Art – Don Charisma’s Prompt 1

ImageUsing a white background and a medium brush, I created this little drawing that took shape as I went along. The balloon morphed into a heart. The little girl/woman hasn’t quite got a full grasp on the string (it keeps breaking up) and the flower is one I have drawn a million times since I was a young girl. Always four petals and always without lifting the brush or pen/pencil from the page.
So I have saved this original file waiting for instructions for step 2.
If you’d like to see Don’s drawing prompt, it can be found here.