Monday Musings

I am going to attempt to schedule some blog posts again since my life remains chaotic to some degree. When it is not chaotic, I am tired. When I am tired, I lay on the couch with my iPad and play mindless games before having an early night.
Either that, or I spend the time working on work stuff.
It’s one of those things, that when something occurs in life, priorities often need to be changed.
Unfortunately my blogging has been one of those things.
This is sad, because I really love my blog and the interactions that I have with all of you. So I am doing my best in keeping in touch even though it may be sporadic. Continue reading

Blogging Awards – I must be doing something right!

In the past two weeks, I have been the recipient of three awards. Wow! I’m gobsmacked that you all enjoy my words so much. I want to display these awards in my sidebar but haven’t worked out how to do it yet. If someone can give me an ‘idiot’s guide’ I would be indebted. I can’t give you my first born (mainly because she’s taller than me now) but I can give you my gratitude. Continue reading