As I sit at my computer alongside the open window, the sounds of the bubbling water fountain mingle with the gentle drumming of rain on the roof. Although the weather is much cooler today, my ceiling fan continues turning in a gentle rhythm pushing cooler air upon the skin of my arms and face.
The colours of the world outside are a combination of grey skies and the rich green of the grass and leaves. Lawns that were turning brown only a few short days ago are now revived. Dotted here and there in the this two-tone world are splashes of colour created by the flowers in the garden; bright spots upon the muted shades of the day.
The presence of rain creates a reflective mood within my soul as the desire for study and housework has washed away with the water flowing down the street in the kerbside gutters. My thoughts are skipping to and fro with no particular rhyme or reason and I am reminded of a blog post that I read yesterday by my friend David. Continue reading