Monday Musings

I am going to attempt to schedule some blog posts again since my life remains chaotic to some degree. When it is not chaotic, I am tired. When I am tired, I lay on the couch with my iPad and play mindless games before having an early night.
Either that, or I spend the time working on work stuff.
It’s one of those things, that when something occurs in life, priorities often need to be changed.
Unfortunately my blogging has been one of those things.
This is sad, because I really love my blog and the interactions that I have with all of you. So I am doing my best in keeping in touch even though it may be sporadic. Continue reading

Life Makeover – Week 4

Now that I am getting back into the swing of things and working with schedules, I have put these posts onto a weekly schedule as well.
For those who missed Weeks 1-3 you can find them on the sidebar under “Categories”.
What I am doing is working through Cheryl Richardson’s book “Life Makeovers” and asking you to join me for the journey.
So to recap what we have done so far:
* Week 1 – Thought about our accomplishments for the past year and made a list of them. We then gave ourselves a pat on the back. Bet you didn’t realise that you had accomplished so much until you had it in front of you in black and white?
* Week 2 – Looked at our lives and worked out what quality we would like to develop further this year. I stated that I wished to work on my gratitude journal. I confess that I didn’t get much further than purchasing a book and making a few entries. I have now put it into my daily planner that is sitting in front of me so that I remember to do it each day until I no longer need reminding and it becomes a part of my daily routine. Continue reading

Changing Your Life – Week 3

I’m sorry for the break in these posts. Between the internet down and then having grandchildren over to stay, my time has not really been spent on the computer.
Remember last time I said I was going to write in my gratitude journal each night. Sadly, that lasted less than a week. *sigh*
I am the worst person at remembering things. My doctor has given up on prescribing daily stuff for me and if she does it always comes with a stern lecture. lol
I have pulled out my gratitude journal once more and this time I am placing it by my bed. It will only take a minute or two each night so I am hoping that this plan works. Continue reading

Why I blog….

A few days ago I read a blog post discussing the reasons that people blog. The main point that I took from the post was the poster likening blogging to Facebook and accusing those who blog of showing narcissism through their choice of what they post about.
Whilst I understand this person’s reasons for blogging are to raise awareness of issues in the world, I believe that they overlooked the fact that by highlighting these issues, they were in fact  highlighting their PERSONAL opinions of these issues thereby negating their argument. However, it is that person’s right to blog about whatever they wish – just as it my right to blog about whatever I wish to also. Continue reading