Fellow Blogger – Joy from Joynpain2

Fellow-BloggerThis evening I am speaking to a blogger who I really don’t know that well yet but also met through the Share Your WordPress Blogs Facebook page. Joy’s blog Joynpain2 is full of anecdotes of her life. Joy’s story on her About page takes you through her journey from anxiety to chronic pain from scar tissue, adhesions and fibromyalgia. Joy has had a lot to do with doctors and recently asked her GP to read her post Open Letter to General Practitioners but he did not take kindly to it unfortunately and seen in her post Appointment: Fail. However not all of Joy’s posts are medically themed. She recently also posted Sitting ’round the Kitchen Table with an update of how life is going for her right now.

Hi Joy. Welcome to the couch and thank you so much for chatting with me about your blogging experience. Tell me, what drew you to begin blogging?

 I was drawn to blogging because of a deep need for community. I wanted to find others who understood what I was going through and I felt the need to be there for others as well. At first, it was difficult to find others who suffer with adhesions like I do, but what I did find was a whole community of people with varying diagnosis that suffer from chronic pain. Little by little I started to find others who deal with adhesions. No matter what the diagnosis, chronic pain is chronic pain and we all believe, understand, and support each other.

I am so pleased that you have discovered a support network amongst other bloggers. That is a great thing to find. How long have you been blogging?

I have been blogging since July of 2013. Around that time I found out that there is no longer anything that can be done to “fix” me. That was a hard thing to accept and more than anything I needed someone to understand what I was feeling.

Another one for the 2013 Club. I really should get around to starting that I think. 😉 It must have been quite difficult for you to receive the diagnosis of ‘we can’t fix that’ I’m sure. 😦
When you created your blog, did you create with a particular theme in mind?

I mainly write about my personal struggles with chronic pain and adhesions. On occasion I will do an informational piece or a guest post.

Okay. I am assuming that you find comfort in writing about this and so that is a good thing. I’m big on writing as a form of therapy 😉 Do you believe you have gained anything from your time blogging?

Community. I have found the community that I was searching for when I began blogging. I have found people who listen, understand and care. This is undeniably the best support group I have come across. Also, I met my best friend here on WordPress. That to me is priceless.

That is wonderful – both finding a community of like minded souls and a best friend. You are blessed in that regard. Many people blog about challenges in their lives (as do you). Does blogging help you with this do you think?

 My life is a challenge. Just getting out of bed is challenging. However, I can express my feelings openly and honestly on my blog and instead do judgement like I might would receive elsewhere, here I get understanding and positive feedback.

I am sorry that you have been judged. People can be so cruel at times. But I am pleased you find support from your friends online. How often do you get the opportunity to blog?

 I try to blog everyday. Sometimes I am unable to write a post everyday, but on occasion I am able to do more than one.

And where do you find inspiration for your posts?

Everywhere. I usually post about my day or my week, but sometimes I get ideas from the weirdest places. Once, I was inspired by my reaction to a commercial I saw on TV. 

I’m glad I’m not the only one that is inspired by television commercials lol. Thank goodness for that. 😀
I ask everyone on the couch what their favourite quote or mantra is. Do you have one that gets you through each day?

Stay strong. Never give up. Be your own advocate. 

Wow! Great advice for anyone!
So tell me, what do you look for in another blog?

Usually I am drawn to other blogs because of the emotion that comes through in the writing. Other times I am drawn to a blog for the humor or the openness and honesty in the writing.

Great! They all sound wonderful yardsticks for finding another blog.
It’s been wonderful chatting with you Joy and finding your perspectives on blogging. Would you like to share anything else before we end this interview?

If I were to leave your readers with one thing, I suppose it would be that chronic pain patients don’t want sympathy. We want respect and we want you to believe us. That’s all.

I think that is all many of us want Joy. Those with mental illnesses, depression and other ‘unseen’ illnesses. We just want respect.
Thanks so much for chatting 🙂 It’s been a pleasure.