On reaching a milestone….

What do they call middle age now? I think I’ll look it up….

noun: middle age

the period after early adulthood and before old age, about 45 to 65.

Well that’s a relief, I thought I was past it! Looks like I’ve still got some time to go. Whew!
According to quite a few of my friends and family, I’m now officially old and ailing quickly.
Thank goodness for Google to pick me up and put me back on my feet. Continue reading

One of those days

I read this humorous post the other day and thought “Nah. That’s not me”. However I have to admit today that I’ve had a day that has been very much like this so far. Well to a certain extent. I have stopped and actually finished a few things as I flitted from place to place although you wouldn’t know it to look at the house. Continue reading

Life goes on…..

In the endless cycle of day after day, our life runs right along with it. At least mine does anyway. lol
I would be hard pressed to say that my life is anything less than busy right now. This working lark isn’t all it’s cracked up to be!
Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy my job immensely. I just don’t enjoy getting up each morning and rushing around and then coming home at the end of the day and dropping onto the couch and not wanting to move from there.
I feel as if I am letting my family down because some nights I’m hard pressed to get up and cook a meal. Continue reading

It’s official – my sense of humour has warped

Unless of course you believe it was warped all along. 😀

Before I begin, allow me to give you a little background to how I have come to the realisation that my humour has warped beyond repair:

I love garage sales. I have found some wonderful things at them. Thankfully, I don’t attend too many as the wallet cannot stand it. However when I do go, I almost certainly come home with treasures unimaginable (well the Garden Gnome finds it hard to imagine what I see in some things). So, several months ago there was a deceased estate garage sale advertised around the corner from my home.
It was due to begin at 7am but when I arrived just before that time, the cars were parked down the road and people had already come in and had piles of things put away for purchase. One person had backed their car up the driveway and filled it to the roof already with furniture and bric-a-brac. To say I was disappointed as I watched a chair that I would most definitely have purchased being packed into this car was a bit of an understatement. Continue reading

Backing up – and a laugh

I’ve been reading too many blogs lately about the perils of not backing up.
I thought I had a pretty good system for my backing up and I try to do it regularly.
I back up to two external hard drives and then I burn to CD/DVD. However the other day I was informed that CDs can fail after 5 years or so.
This threw me into a bit of a panic, so for the past few days I have been copying a lot of my CDs made 10 years or more ago onto my external HDs.
I am contemplating purchasing little USB drives to back the external HDs up to as apparently they have a longer life span. Continue reading

One Liner Wednesday – On Thursday

Brought to you by Linda Hill….

Although technically this was said on a Wednesday.

Background to the story is this:
Yesterday was really hot and the First Born, her friend and the children all came over to swim in the pool.
Mr almost-four was running on the concrete and me (Ma) called out to remind not to run.

First Born: Did you hear what Ma said?
Mr almost-four: Yes.
First Born: Well what did she just say?
Mr almost-four (in a high pitched imitation of my voice): Don’t run on the concrete

Everyone dissolved into laughter.

Finding your Smile

Right now, I am struggling. There is no reason for this struggle to be occurring however it is.
I’m wondering if it is in fact tied in with the ever-present hormonal highs and lows that are part and parcel of being a woman of a certain,  shall we say distinguished, age?
Removing the cumbersome cloud that drapes my shoulders on a regular basis sometimes requires more effort than I am prepared to exert. These days become pyjama and blanket days unless I am forced by some familial obligation to leave the hearth and home and socialise with others as I was required to do yesterday. Continue reading