Life Makeover – Week 5

What is the one thing that every person on this earth often bemoans the lack of? If you guessed money, you would be wrong. If you guessed happiness, you would also be wrong.
The one thing that (almost) every person on this earth (regardless of race, creed or colour) lacks and wishes that they had more of is of course ‘Time’. If I had $1 for each time that I have heard someone say “Where has the year gone?”, “Time moves so much more quickly these days” or “I wish I had more hours in the day” then I wouldn’t be counting pennies today. Continue reading

Improving Your Life – Week 2

So last week we were challenged by Cheryl Richardson in her book “Life Makeovers” to look at the past year, make a list of our accomplishments and then give ourselves a pat on the back for our wonderful achievements.
This week we are going to step forth and do something else.I must confess that I haven’t read this chapter until this morning so I’m as clueless as those doing this along with me about what our next step is…… Continue reading