Monochrome Madness 2-14

I’m pretty hit and miss with these because it depends upon the type of week that I am having and how busy I am whether I remember to send a photo to Leanne for her Monochrome Madness challenge. This week I have left it to the last minute. *oops*

Last weekend, we went road tripping with friends of ours just over the border and into Northern NSW. I took this photo late Saturday afternoon in the town of Lismore. The shops were all closed and the town was pretty quiet when we wandered around. Continue reading

Monochrome Madness 2.2

This week sees me still up to my eyeballs in study and assessments so my contribution is from our trip to Sydney last July.
I’ve noticed that Leanne and Laura have begun numbering the challenges in such a way as to acknowledge that the challenge is now in its second year and this is the second week. 🙂
To check out all of the other awesome contributions, don’t forget to check out Leanne’s blog. Continue reading