Wisdom from Seniors #3

Several weeks ago, I sat with a delightful lady whom I shall call ‘Ester’ in the waiting room of the hospital emergency department.
We weren’t there for anything terribly serious, so don’t worry about that.
As we were waiting, conversation turned to Ester’s childhood (it is at this point that I should point out that Ester is about to turn 97).
“My father was a school principal” she told me. Continue reading

Journal Prompt #4

ImageWrite about a secret that you kept from your parents.

Well, I’m not sure that my mother ever knew this. If she did, she never let on and I’ve always thought that I got away with it…..

I love to read. This is no secret. Most of my life, I could be found with my nose stuck in a book. I figured that if I had to go to the toilet then it was a good place to read as well. Until my parents told me I couldn’t take a book with me. That kinda sucked a bit but I decided to find a way around that little rule. We lived in an old home in Blacktown NSW. It wasn’t my most favourite house that I have ever lived in but it had a great bathroom. At the end of the bath/shower, there was a false wall (it was actually the back of the linen cupboard that opened into the hallway). Anyway, it had a lip around the edge at the top and it was the most perfect place to hide a book. Funny how I always needed to go to the toilet when it was my turn to do the dishes!! 🙂

Love you Mum!

So what secrets have you kept from your parents??