Life isn’t all Sunshine and Rainbows

As much as I’d like to say that life is filled with sunshine and rainbows, I can’t in all honesty look you in the eye and lie.
Life sucks sometimes.
Yes, the sunshine and rainbows are there. They are always there. However in the midst of our search to find them, we have to part the rain and storm clouds to get there.
Some wonderful politician in an attempt to relate to the general public, once pontificated that “Life wasn’t meant to be easy”.
Well if that’s not truth from a pollie, I don’t know what is. Continue reading

Journal Prompt (1)

List 10 (or more) things that make you smile


1. This statue in the main street of Warwick that is dressed up with a scarf every winter 🙂

 Image2. Lavender. I love to see rows of this beautiful flower. I love when it flowers in my garden. I love it’s scent. Lavender makes me smile.


3. Melbourne. It is a vibrant and bustling city. I feel alive when I am visiting there.


4. A good book.


5. Rainbows. They are so beautiful.

Image6. Sunsets. The richness of the colours are always wonderful.

Image7. Fields of sunflowers. On the trip to my mother’s place regular crops are replaced with fields of sunflowers at certain times of the year.

Image8. Her Royal Highness Princess Smudge a.k.a The Diva.

Image9. Autumn leaves. We don’t see many of these in my neck of the woods so travelling south in Autumn and Winter is always special to me.

Image10. The mountains and the bush. Getting away from it all.

So there are 10 things that make me smile. Tell me what makes you smile.

Have a blessed day. 🙂