Thought for today

I have a little tear-off desk calendar on my computer desk.
Last year, it was one by Louise Hay with her affirmations. I told the Garden Gnome that I would love another like that.
He gifted me with one called “Seize the Day” instead.

Today’s quote is one that I love. I will tear it off tomorrow and then take it to my pin board hanging over the desk so that I can read it again and again.

One of the secrets in life

is to make stepping stones

out of stumbling blocks”

– Jack Penn

Well Jack Penn. You have my gratitude for reminding me that when all is lost, and the darkness appears to prevail, the sun will come up and we will move forward.

On another note, my heart is with those of my readers in France right now. May the anger and anguish you feel right now be healed.