The Hunt for my Creativity

So much has happened in the last month. So many memories made…tears shed…challenges…and always love. If there is one thing that abounds in my family, it is love. We may not always outwardly show it, but it’s there.
As a postscript to my last post about Ethel** (not her real name). I went off to visit her bright and early on the Monday morning with hopes of seeing the smile on her face when I told her what alias I had given her in my blog post, to find her bed empty. Thinking she had been transferred to the nursing home, I approached the nursing station and spoke to the nurses on duty who informed me that sadly, Ethel had left this earth on the day after I saw her.
I still feel upset when I think of it all. I found about her funeral and made an effort to get there but due to the flooding occurring in our area at the time, the funeral had been postponed and I had no way of knowing when it had been postponed to. So I said my goodbye to her quietly here at home and fondly  think of her wit and sense of humour regularly. Continue reading

Farewell 2014

The end of a year tends to bring thoughts of self-reflection of the past months to most people. No doubt the tv will be filled tonight with compilations of news stories from the past year. Some of that will be pleasant to review however most of it will not.
The world’s media tends to only focus on what is bad in the world these days and unfortunately there has been too much darkness over the past twelve months.

But what about me?
What has my year held? Continue reading

My week unplugged

I must confess that I have had internet for a couple of days now but kept away from the computer. It is amazing though just how much we have come to rely on the world wide web in this day and age.
Whilst I could access the internet on my smartphone if I needed to, it was difficult to pay bills on such a small screen. So many business rely on the use of the internet for our interaction with them these days.
I found it difficult to shop for Christmas gifts and resorted to doing it the old fashioned way of braving the crowds in a shopping centre with a list in my hand. Continue reading

Improving your life one week at a time

Earlier this week I picked up my books again and began my studies once again. Due to the many happenings in my life this year, I am so far behind in my studies it is bordering on the ridiculous. However I am hoping to chip away steadily and get back on track as soon as possible.
As part of this decision, I began a goal setting exercise that is ongoing.
I outlined goals both short, mid and long term and I am now in the process of working out the steps to achieve those goals. It’s an ongoing process because I keep thinking of new things to add or to tweak.
However goals should be fluid and subject to change so I am not concerned about making these changes. The important thing is the setting of the initial goal. Continue reading

Last night I sang … and other bits and bobs

It has been so long since I have opened my mouth and sang. I don’t know what has stopped me from doing it.
Well I do.
Nobody wants to sing when their life is filled with darkness I suppose.
That’s why I surprised myself last night.
I was in my usual auditorium where the acoustics are brilliant and the fans appreciative (on my own in the shower) and I had this sudden urge to open my mouth and sing. So I succumbed.
And it was great. Continue reading

Friday in the land of Oz

Today is officially the last day of school for two weeks. The Tween is all dressed up in blue and off to the second day of her school sports carnival. She is not a competitor but tells me that she ‘coaches’ her friend who is. 🙂
She was telling me this morning that the school has awards for costumes. Yesterday it was for homemade costumes and today the awards are for those that are store bought. She was disappointed that the young fellow who made a blue Tardis didn’t place yesterday but agreed that the three young men who made red Transformers costumes (that actually transformed into a car) were pretty cool. She was also pretty impressed with the Barbies in their boxes that placed. I look forward to hearing what costumes there were at the carnival today. Continue reading

It’s Friday in the Land of Oz

As I sit to write this, I am listening to the water feature bubbling away outside my window and the radio playing in the kitchen. The sky is a wondrous hue of blue and the sun is radiant.
Although the weather is cooler this morning (I’m wearing track pants and a long sleeved top) the sun is shining through the window and warming my legs. The washing machine has finished and is waiting for my attention. The cat is wandering somewhere around the house and has more than likely found a warm place to sleep by now.
The Tween is at school and the GG has gone out hiking this morning.
He did suggest that I might like to come but mentioned the fact that between my fitness levels and  knees I might not be able to keep up with him. I think the alone time combined with exercise might be good for him.
The house is now mine. Continue reading