Fellow Blogger – Glynis from Speculations Impressed

ImageJoining me tonight is Glynis from Speculations Impressed – my perils with writing. Glynis enjoys writing and has on her About page “Have desk – will write”. That sounds quite plausible to me. Whilst Glynis has been blogging for some time, most of what she wrote was private. In the past months, she has opened her blog to public view. When Glynis was 17 she suffered a stroke that left her completely paralysed on one side of her body. Whilst she has gained a lot of usage back, she still struggles on a daily basis. Glynis writes about her disability here. She has been undertaking a writing course and what she writes for this, she shares on her blog. Her last post in relation to her course was “Am I Genuine? Am I Honest?”

Thank you Glynis for joining me on the couch tonight to talk about blogging. What drew you to blogging in the first place?

I love writing and this give me an easy way the get the feedback that will hopeful make me more skilled in the craft.

You are definitely not alone in finding the natural progression between a love of writing and blogging. How long have you been blogging?

I’ve been doing it off and on since about 2002

That’s quite a long time to be writing. Does your blog have any particular theme?

It’s been most about memoirs but there are some other topics I write about as well.

Yes, I have noticed many of your posts about the writing course you have been doing. It sounded very interesting. Have you gained anything by blogging?

Yes. I’ve developed friendships and I have improved a little on my writing abilities.

It’s great that blogging has given you such positives in your life. Do you have any challenges in your life that blogging has assisted you with?

Other than improving my writing skills, no.

I think improving our writing skills is something that a great many of us aspire to and that in itself can be quite a challenge. Do you blog often?

Two or three times each week usually

And where do you find inspiration for your posts?

From my personal past and from writing prompt.

I think writing prompts are great for getting us to really think. Do you have a particular quote or mantra that you believe fits your life?

Such is life. Life is a series of ups and downs. There isn’t much anyone can do about that except accept what happens and deal with it.

Very true. I find inspiration from other blogs. What draws you to other blogs?

Other bloggers who are interesting to me.

With so many millions of blogs out there, I am sure you there are many that interest you. In closing, is there anything else that you would like to share

Can’t think of anything. 🙂 

Thank you so much Glynis for taking part in this project. I appreciate it so very much.

I am running the Fellow Blogger series until the end of January and have some spaces still left to fill. If you would like to participate, you can reach me on smudgetheattackcat@icloud.com

p.s. Carol B – I have emailed you again.Your first email came back to me as undeliverable. 😦