Let’s try again…..

My oldest daughter (who reads this blog but only comments on it when she calls or texts me) tells me that I should begin again with “F is for Failure”.
In my defense, I have an excuse. It’s called ‘life’ and sometimes it is rougher than at other times.
I apologise. Every time I think I am getting somewhere, something happens. Continue reading

To love and be loved

Mothers everywhere are gifted one day each year in which the moneymakers say we should spend the time (and money) both showing and telling them that we love them. The truth is that each day is Mother’s Day.
Each woman who has children in her life is a mother. Whether those children are adults, teenagers, toddlers, babies or covered in fur.
Way back in October, I shared a post “I am a Mother” about parenting adult children because even after they leave the nest, they are still your children. Just because they have families of their own doesn’t lessen the duties of motherhood.
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