Well Played Universe… Well Played

Napoleon Hill started it all in 1937 with his book “Think and Grow Rich”.
He opened our minds to the concept of universal abundance and visualisation. Today, the teaching is still around and espoused by many such as Eckhart Tolle and Deepak Chopra.
It was made especially popular through the writings in “The Secret” and “E-Squared” (both of which I’ve read). So it stands to reason that I believe that we can create our own prosperity and abundance and often try it out. Continue reading

Journal Prompt #8

This morning I was stuck on what to write, so I went to my friend Mr Google and typed in “Give me a journal topic”. I picked the second site on the list and opened it and then closed my eyes and pointed at the screen to find my topic for today.
Drum roll please………
Write about a difficult decision you have had to make
And the first thing that jumped into my head is the decision I made this time last week. Continue reading