I Respect your Right to an Opinion

I do.
I respect that everyone has a right to an opinion. What I don’t respect however is when a person deems that their opinion is of more importance to that of another and they become rude about it.
Unfortunately I am seeing this more and more in this age of instant gratification, social media and world news.
We have become a society where respect appears to be a long-forgotten word in the dictionary.

My opinions on many things may be far different to those of you who are reading this however I’m not about to say “Hey. You’re wrong!!”
And I certainly wouldn’t go so far as to call you names because of it. Yet, I see this time and again. Continue reading

What is the one thing that everyone has?

What is the one thing that everyone has and everyone has a right to but is sometimes forced on others?
If you guessed  ‘an opinion’  you’d be 100% correct.
I’ve noticed in this day of easy internet access by anyone with a phone, tablet or computer that more and more of these opinions are being shared (or forced upon us) through the avenue of social media and blogging.
Don’t get me wrong.
Having an opinion is not a bad thing at all to have.
What is really beginning to get under my skin though is the number of people with opinions who refuse to accept that there may be others out there who disagree with them. Continue reading

Q is for…… Questions

How many of you thought it was going to be for Quilting??
Okay, it was but I changed my mind again. I’m a woman and it’s my prerogative apparently. And anyway, I’m still working away on the Tween’s quilt. Part of me hates that thing right now. lol
So, how did I come to this topic today? (Well there’s one question for you right there). I guess it is because asking questions is an every day part of life for me.
My mother tells the story of how horrified my great grandmother used to be because I would answer every request from her with ‘why?’ when a I was a toddler. As my mother tells the story, it is because she would always give me a reason for asking me something e.g. “Please clean up your room before I trip over something” or “Please pull up your socks or you will look like nobody owns you”. Actually she used to say that to my brother and I did often wonder if in fact he did belong to somebody else. 😉 Continue reading