If – Questions for fun

I found this little book on the resource shelf at work today and thought it looked like a lot of fun.
It’s called “If… Questions for the Game of Life” by Evelyn McFarlane & James Saywell.
Let’s just say it tickled my fancy. Continue reading

One Luxury Item

This morning’s post is prompted by a recent episode of the Australian version of I’m a Celebrity – Get Me Out of Here” currently screening on Channel 10 in this part of the world.
Now, I wasn’t really going to get involved in this show but succumbed to all the advertising hype and tuned in on the first night to see which celebs they were planning on dropping into the African jungle.
I must admit that even as an Aussie, I only recognised a small handful of these ‘celebrities’. We even have a ring-in from the good old U.S. of A – Maureen McCormack (Marcia of Brady Bunch fame). Continue reading

Improving Your Life – Week 2

So last week we were challenged by Cheryl Richardson in her book “Life Makeovers” to look at the past year, make a list of our accomplishments and then give ourselves a pat on the back for our wonderful achievements.
This week we are going to step forth and do something else.I must confess that I haven’t read this chapter until this morning so I’m as clueless as those doing this along with me about what our next step is…… Continue reading

SOCS Prompt – Average

Poor Linda. She has had a rough week. I guess she’d say that it has been pretty ‘average’ and so that is why she has prompted us this week to write about ‘average’ with her Saturday Stream of Consciousness prompt.

Being that it is Saturday morning in my part of the world, I figured that maybe I might just take part in it once again. I’m a bit hit and miss with this prompt. I either ‘feel’ it or I don’t. This time, as I was struggling to come up with a post, my mind said “Linda will have the answer” and so here it is. Continue reading

Re-View of myself (Part of SOCS)

So Linda has set the challenge for her SOCS (Stream of Consciousness Saturday) to have “Re-” as it’s theme. For those who are unaware of SOCS you can read more about it on Linda’s post. The hardest thing for me is writing without editing afterwards.
So I have chosen ‘Review”.
What of this week?
Was it good? Was it bad?
You will have noticed that I have been quiet the past couple of days. I haven’t written a post but I have been reading and commenting on blogs. Reading and commenting takes less effort than thinking of something to write. Continue reading

Hear…. here…. SOCS

It’s Saturday in this part of the world so I am going to have a go at Linda Hill’s SOCS prompt once again. This is a challenge for me to write as I think and then not edit. I’ll probably cringe later when I read it.
So here it is, Saturday morning and I am reading blogs and listening to Pandora as I do so. I have a couple of programmed ‘stations’ in there including the one I am listening to now “Easy Listening”. Continue reading

Journal Prompt #8

This morning I was stuck on what to write, so I went to my friend Mr Google and typed in “Give me a journal topic”. I picked the second site on the list and opened it and then closed my eyes and pointed at the screen to find my topic for today.
Drum roll please………
Write about a difficult decision you have had to make
And the first thing that jumped into my head is the decision I made this time last week. Continue reading