Loving Everyone: A book review

Sometimes a book comes along that you fills your heart with happiness and joy. “The Radical Practice of Loving Everyone: A four-legged approach to enlightenment” by Michael J. Chase is one of those books.
I smiled from the first paragraph until the end as the author begins his personal journey to love everyone led by a master teacher: his dog Mollie. Continue reading

I have a dream…

I’ve had it for a while.  The dream I mean.
You know the one? The dream of writing a book.
The words are there inside me, tumbling over and over in my mind. It’s like a tiny little alien predator just waiting to break forth some days.
I’ve wavered about what to write. I’ve picked up one idea, examined it and then discarded it for another. I have jotted ideas and notes in notebooks laying all over the house but struggle to find EXACTLY what it is that I want to share with the world. Continue reading

Teen smiles

Over the years, the Teen has decorated her door on a number of occasions. It has held photos of herself with her cousins, school projects, art works and other items.
It’s current incarnation is a collage of photos of herself and her school friends (taken in the school yard) and many of the things that they say.
Many of the photos, match the sayings that have been stuck around it. Continue reading

Wisdom from Seniors #3

Several weeks ago, I sat with a delightful lady whom I shall call ‘Ester’ in the waiting room of the hospital emergency department.
We weren’t there for anything terribly serious, so don’t worry about that.
As we were waiting, conversation turned to Ester’s childhood (it is at this point that I should point out that Ester is about to turn 97).
“My father was a school principal” she told me. Continue reading

And the world keeps on turning….

My hand upon his arm to steady him, we walked up his long driveway toward the house he had lived in for much of his life.
“You don’t need to walk with me. I’ll be fine you know.”
“I know” I replied. “But this way we get a chance to chat before I have to continue on my way”.
He smiled as he replied “I’m 93 years old now  but I can still get around”. As he said this, he straightened his back a little and we began chatting about how he loved to dance when he was younger. I thanked him for humouring my two left feet when we had shared a dance earlier in the day and he laughed saying “You held me up. We helped each other”.
Nearing the spot where his wife of 50+ years was waiting, I said goodbye and wished him a lovely afternoon telling him that I looked forward to seeing him again soon so we could share another dance.
But he didn’t come again. Continue reading