What makes me angry

The other evening, I was asked the question “What makes you angry”?
That’s a pretty good question really, and one that I answered without hesitation.
What does make me angry?
Inequality is one.
Then there are the keyboard warriors that inhabit every form of social media that spew hatred, intolerance and righteous indignation.
Then there are those that value money above all other things. Because of the mighty dollar, we retrench hundreds of workers within our country to send jobs off-shore, historic buildings are demolished to make way for shopping centres (malls) and CEOs of companies are paid hundreds of thousands of dollars for doing what exactly? And don’t get me started on the pensions and kickbacks that politicians get. Continue reading

Family times

I’ve mentioned before that we sometimes go to watch our grandchildren play sport. The other weekend, we watched the girls play netball and our grandson played soccer (or football to those of you in the UK).
Often, their games clash and we can only watch one or the other, however this times the planets all aligned and we watched the girls play each other and then a short time later, was the boy’s soccer match. Continue reading

Thoughts on Self Improvement

As I was doing the ironing the other day, my mind began to wander. (It often does that when I’m busy doing other things). This time, rather than hoping that I would remember the train of thought later, I grabbed my dictaphone and recorded my thoughts so that I could write about them when I got the time.
So where were my thoughts off to this time?
For once, they weren’t concerned with work or study, they were actually pondering life. Continue reading

Monochrome Madness 2-14

I’m pretty hit and miss with these because it depends upon the type of week that I am having and how busy I am whether I remember to send a photo to Leanne for her Monochrome Madness challenge. This week I have left it to the last minute. *oops*

Last weekend, we went road tripping with friends of ours just over the border and into Northern NSW. I took this photo late Saturday afternoon in the town of Lismore. The shops were all closed and the town was pretty quiet when we wandered around. Continue reading

One of those days

I read this humorous post the other day and thought “Nah. That’s not me”. However I have to admit today that I’ve had a day that has been very much like this so far. Well to a certain extent. I have stopped and actually finished a few things as I flitted from place to place although you wouldn’t know it to look at the house. Continue reading