Where does time go? And other questions!

Did you know there are only 72 days until Christmas?
I know right?
What has happened to the year?
Come to think of it, what happened to the weekend?

I don’t think I’m coping with just how quickly time seems to get away from me right now. I wake up each morning with grand plans for the day and then the day just goes. I haven’t quite worked out exactly where it goes though. I haven’t done a blog post in two days.
Why not?
Well on Saturday morning, I slept in a little and then turned on the computer to work on my backlog of emails (yeh, still plugging away) and write my post when the Garden Gnome reminded me that we had to do our grocery shopping before his V8 racing was on tv that afternoon.
Silly me.  How could I have forgotten it was Bathurst weekend?
So it was off to the shops to get groceries and a few pool essentials for when the grandchildren come over and then it was back home.
Rather than being on the computer I decided to have a nanna nap (because I can) and then spent the remainder of the day sewing.
There went Saturday!
Yesterday, I got up super early in order to do the laundry, read emails and edit the maternity photos I took the other day before we had to head out to take the GG to our friend’s place where the men planned on spending the day glued to the television with beers in hand and passing judgement on the race at Bathurst.
I had forgotten just how time consuming mass photo editing is and before I knew it, it was time to leave. Luckily the editing was done and photos burned to CD to take with me to drop off at the First Born’s home.

Mr almost-four turned Four yesterday so after depositing the Garden Gnome in the capable hands of our friends, the Tween and I dropped in on the First Born and the grandkids to find chaos reigning.
The children had been up before their mother and helped themselves to breakfast. There were coco pops on the floor and someone had been into the Nutella and left the spoon still in it. Mr Four (with a face full of chocolate) denied doing it.
The young lady (whose tummy photos I took the other day) arrived a short while later with her husband and son in tow announcing to us all that she was in labour.
Leaving the First Born, the grandchildren, the men and labouring lady to watch movies and enjoy themselves we went back to check on the GG before the ladies all headed out to have lunch and do a spot of shopping at Spotlight. When we returned we sat around having a cup of tea with our children (22, 16 and tween) and discussing the known and unknown in the world whilst the men cheered and yelled at the television screen in the next room.
(On a good news note, the winner of this year’s race went to the Tween’s high school here and was actually taught by the one of the men yelling at the tv).
And then the day was over!
Where had the time gone.

Today, I woke with grand plans to get the housework done and finish some sewing however the Tween reminded me that the school concert band were doing a workshop and concert at another school today and could I drop her off? After a phone call with a friend, it was decided she would take the girls and I would go to the concert later this afternoon and pick up the Tween afterwards so that I could get the housework done.
So here I am mid morning and what I have I achieved?
Well, two loads of laundry are on the line and the dishwasher has been put through a cycle but not much else.
Unless you count editing some photos……..

Where does the time go?
Is it because I’m getting old that it seems to fly that much quicker?
Why are there always so many things to do?
And why are there so many questions?

I was reflecting on some of the questions I’ve heard over the past couple of days this morning whilst pegging out the washing. Here is but a small sampling:

“Ma, can you read me a story”?
“What’s for dinner”?
“Mum, can you mend some clothes for me”?
“Are you hungry”?
“Where will we go for lunch”?
“Mum, can I have……”?
“Do you think they sell pumpkin head masks here”?
“What should I buy for (the GG)”?
“Do you think it’ll rain today”?
“Have you got a spare baby shower invitation”?
“Does your formal uniform need ironing”?
“Do you ever wonder what cows think”?

At least I can answer most of these (well apart from the one about the cows) but can someone answer me “Where does the time go”?


34 thoughts on “Where does time go? And other questions!

  1. You are one busy lady! So Bathurst is a car race, Yank here had to look it up. Where does time actually go, an excellent question and had me remembering an old movie called The Langoliers. An old Stephen King movie I think, that deals with time. Cool movie.


    1. I’m sorry. I thought I had blogged about Bathurst before but if I did, it must have been before you started reading my posts. 😦
      Yes, Bathurst is a car race tradition amongst the rev heads of Australia. It used to be Ford vs Holden but this year they have allowed other makes into the pack.
      The Langoliers sounds interesting. I think I’ve only read one or two Stephen King books in my time but haven’t read any others as they freak me out too much. lol


        1. We have V8 superboats here in Australia as well. I have a couple of photos somewhere on my hard drive of a race I attended once. If I find them, I’ll put one up in my next post for you. 🙂


  2. I wanns know what cows think. It is my theory that time does not increase in speed for cows, so if we can only determine what they think then we can slow down time.

    Fun post Suz. Thanks.


  3. I have a friend who has been counting down since 90 “sleeps” til Xmas, by quoting a new line each day from the movie “A Christmas Story.” Can you say “obsessed!?”


  4. Excellent post Sue. Time goes faster as we get older, I know that for sure. I heard or read somewhere that it’s because as we get older we have more to do in a day as compared to when we were children. But I don’t think that’s right, I don’t do anything at all and the time still zips by for this 54 year old young lady 😉


    1. You know maybe you don’t think you do much but when you write it all down you’ll find that you do.
      That’s what I did one day and even though I thought I hadn’t accomplished much at all, I had actually done lots of little things that added up.


  5. Time just goes and goes fast! We spent all day at a marching band competition on Saturday and then had to re-cooperate on Sunday – a day almost lost because of it. I’m getting too old for this! Had to look up Bathurst also. Now I know. 😉 Is the tween in the schools concert band?


    1. Yes, she is. They have two bands there. The concert band that she is in has brass, woodwind and percussion (and some electric guitars) and the show band is all brass, percussion and a couple of guitars.
      My Tween plays the clarinet. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Wonderful! Tell her to keep playing that instrument. Andrew has had so many wonderful opportunities in college (read my post today) because of his music. Of course it helps that he is a music major. 😉 What else is there? Haha


        1. I’m only up to Saturday in my blog reading right now but I will get to it. I hope she does continue playing. I think as long as her best friend continues playing an instrument, then she will as well. After school, well… that’s anyone’s guess.

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  6. I totally identify with what you’ve said here. At the end of the day I look back wondering how I managed to do so little. But then, I read your blog and realize how very much you did with your time and tell myself I’m probably as bad as you are at realizing how really productive I’ve been. Yes, I mean it. You were productive. Let’s both practice appreciating ourselves more.


  7. I totally agree. I also think it goes by faster when you are busy or in the moment. When I was at work the days seemed to crawl.

    I once heard that it seems to go faster as you get older because each subsequent day is a smaller fraction of your life. If you are only 3 days old, day three is an entire third of your life, so it seems to go on longer. Of course I have no idea what I was doing on day 3 so I’m not sure if that is truly the answer.


    1. Maybe you are right Jenn. That’s an interesting concept for sure. lol
      I can’t remember Day 3 of my life either but I do remember thinking how slow time went when I was younger.


    1. I think it’s one of life’s unanswerable questions to be sure. I know in the musical Fiddler on the Roof, there is the song called “Sunrise, Sunset” in which he sings “I don’t remember growing older, when did they” about a couple of youngsters getting married.
      I feel like that so often when friends of my children marry and have children of their own. lol


  8. Can’t help you there. I try to make a to do list with my morning coffee. Well…then comes the computer, and I stretch my coffee time into hours. Only a couple of things get ticked off the to do list

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  9. Sorry Sue cant help you out there, I think time doesn’t go anywhere, its just that we are getting slower catching up with time, something to do with the aging process, as for the cow question, cows do think and worry, they think about their next milking as dragging those great udders around too long leads to gravel rash.

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