One-Liner Wednesday

Each week, Linda Hill hosts the One-Liner Wednesday. I don’t usually play along because my posts are generally scheduled however today I found a quote that I wish to share and it fits nicely into this challenge of Linda’s.
I am quite busy with study right now and working on assessments. In the course of browsing notes I have taken over the course of many months, I found this line

Each of us are snowflakes: all made of the same substance but each uniquely different

I’d love your thoughts on this. 🙂

30 thoughts on “One-Liner Wednesday

  1. When I saw one liner Suz I was going to troll through my jokes. Then I aw it was inspirational ones. Then again some of my jokes are lie that. *cough*

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  2. I love this, because I believe that we all come from the same “stuff”, but we express it differently. We are all unique, but we are all snow. Really nice, thank you for sharing!

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