Yowie Hunters

I have a guilty secret. I love watching Animal Planet. In particular I love watching Mountain Monsters and Finding Bigfoot. I have to admit that watching Mountain Monsters is more for the entertainment value than from a desire to see whether creatures of folklore actually exist. Anyone who has managed to sit through a whole hour of this show would have to agree that it is pure side-splitting comedy….Or, that could be just me and my warped sense of humour. However, I also enjoy Finding Bigfoot even if it has copped it’s share of bad press as well. So imagine my delight when channel surfing a couple of days ago and I came across the Finding Bigfoot ‘Down Under’ episode.ย image

Unfortunately we were only able to watch the last 45 minutes of the show but enjoyed watching the team (Bobo, Ranae, ย Cliff and Matt) chase Australia’s Yowie. It was of more interest as a lot of it was shot around the Gold Coast hinterland (not far from where i live) and areas north of Brisbane.

I was doubly impressed last night that as the Garden Gnome was doing his usual channel surf (I’m convinced that this is programmed into the male genetic makeup) we hit upon a re-run of the show, managing to catch it at the very beginning. The GG (being the amazing man that he is) allowed us to watch it again.

For those of you wondering, the Yowie is the Australian equivalent of the Sasquatch/Bigfoot/Yeti/Abominable Snowman and is apparently more of an orange colour (although some who have sighted it state that it appears more of a glossy black).

. image

I’ve always been a little fascinated with the unexplained and the legend of the Yowie is a great one. The Australian Aboriginal people have stories of the Hairy Man and stories have been told of living in harmony with them in the past. Although I haven’t personally encountered this creature, I have heard stories from family members who have (or know of people who have).

My father in law tells the story of a man who used to go into the hills around Running Creek to cut timber. He often stayed for a few nights in a hut in the bush. My FIL used to do fuel deliveries to properties and got chatting to this man one day who was telling him that he refuses to stay overnight up at the hut any longer. When asked why, he told the story of a creature that scared him half to death one night. Now the Australian bush has many noises and creatures that are scary, including koalas (who growl), dingoes (who don’t bark but do yip), wild dogs (that bark), emus and flying foxes. This man was used to the creatures and sounds of the bush so for him to vow to never stay overnight again, it had to be something out of the ordinary.

Then there is the story my brother in law told us one evening about the time he was in western Queensland and was driving lonely roads late at night. He got tired so pulled over to have a sleep but was awoken by a growling and a figure beside the car. He started up the car and the creature took off into the bush at the side of the road.

I must admit that my knowledge of Yowies has been mainly of the chocolate variety up until recently. We still have a large container filled with animals that we put together from little eggs found inside themimage.
However, the Teen and I have been reading up on sightings of the Yowie around our area (well within 50kms)and weare interested. Of course when the Garden Gnome suggested we spend a night up on his sister’s block and see what we find… Well, I guess you could say we grew chicken feathers. lol

So what do you think? Believers or not?

28 thoughts on “Yowie Hunters

  1. In 1970 I was visiting my parents who lived at Bellthorpe, up the back of Woodford. The farm they were renting backed onto the state forest, a wild and woolly place indeed. I decided to go exploring the forest and took my Sportco .22 semi auto rifle with me. After hacking my way through all the clinging, spiky vines I could find I looked through a couple of small, abandoned mineshafts. My stomach told me it was time to go home and I headed out onto the track back to the farm. After a few minutes I knew something was following me. I’d stop, turn around and scan the bush behind me. Nothing. Start off again and then a slight rustle of grass. I turned and saw what I thought at first was a large, ugly, orange dog. It stood about 20 metres away, stubby ears pricked and a funny sort of growl came from its wide mouth. I don’t get panicked, my bum might quiver a little though. I walked quickly away, stopped and emptied the magazine in the general direction of the animal. It disappeared back into the bush. Fifteen years later I was in the museum at South Bank and what should I see on display there? The creature I shot at. It was a marsupial lion.

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      1. Thanks Sue, hardly anyone else believes it and no one believes my giant lizard story from when I was in Vietnam. Glad your Mum liked it though.

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  2. Ha! I’d have to see one to believe. Those stories have been circulating longer than I’ve been alive and yet no one has brought forward any proof yet. Mind you i wouldn’t sleep alone in a forest either – chicken that i am. Too many big things in our forests around here – bears and big cats and wild dogs and wolves – any one of which will eat humans. None of them will normally attack but if they are hungry or sick or wounded or have young, they will.

    thanks for dropping by my guest post Suz – I am honored.Happy Easter!

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  3. I don’t know. Like so many other things, maybe they’re out there. I don’t spend time thinking about it or hunting things, and I can’t say I’d enjoy your show, but I’m too open-minded to say, “No, that’s not possible.”
    I’d maybe prefer hunting for fairies ๐Ÿ™‚

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    1. I’m too chicken to hunt them myself Joey but I sure love watching the shows of those that do. lol
      Funny thing with the fairies, I grew up reading Enid Blyton so always tried to catch my toys coming to life at night and hunted in the garden constantly for evidence of fairies.

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  4. Well, it’s fun to imagine! We don’t have cable TV any more, but when our kids were little Animal Planet was a staple of our viewing. Our son was especially transfixed by Crocodile Hunter, and went into deep mourning when Steve Irwin died.

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    1. I remember clearly exactly what I was doing when I heard the news that he died. Funny really.
      We were on holiday (vacation) at a unit on the Gold Coast and had been out at an animal sanctuary all day. We came home, I flopped down in the chair nearest the hallway and a news bulletin flashed onto the tv. I was so shocked. I guess that because he was so larger than life, it was so unexpected.

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  5. I have not watched a full episode of that program yet, shows like Ghost Hunters and the like grab me. I do believe people have seen these creatures though, no reason why they can’t be out there. There is plenty of wilderness for them. The term Yowie for me means “ouch, that hurt”! Or, geesh, that was close!

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    1. Ghost Hunters gives me chills so I tend to avoid it but I’ve watched shows similar to it. I don’t rule out ghosts either. lol
      I guess if a Yowie got close to me, I’d be saying ‘yowie’ as well. lol


  6. well we are all asked to believe in things that we cant see touch or smell arent we ? ghosts ,fairies at the bottom of the garden,the little Irish man with the pot of gold,religion (what ever yours might be)people claim to have seen things regarding the above ,so the Lock Ness monster ,the Yowie and big foot just might be out there also ,I am a ghost girl myself having seen one ,and no the spirit didnt come out of a bottle ,

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  7. I don’t watch TV any longer and haven’t done for many years. As you know I’m open-minded and why shouldn’t there exist souls as we did not come close enough to identify yet? I only hunt with a camera which have given me many wonderful experiences, when the wild animals found out, that I did not carry any riffle or so ๐Ÿ˜‰

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    1. I don’t hunt Irene and in this show, although they are called hunters they are doing their hunting with night vision goggles and cameras rather than guns.
      I too use a camera but don’t think I’d remember to take a photo of a yowie before beginning to run. lol

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