Listening to the Voice within

Most of us are familiar with Jiminy Cricket. He was the conscience of Pinocchio in Walt Disney’s adaptation of the story. We all have that voice within – or without – that talks to us. I’m not sure why Jiminy popped into my mind when I began this post but he’s kinda cute so I kept him.
My post is more about the voice within that speaks to you that isn’t your conscience.
Some call it “The still, small voice”, “The Holy Spirit”, “the Universe” or their “Higher self”. Whatever it is, it speaks to us at times in a way that is loud and clear and you know that you have to follow it’s prompts.
The difficult thing sometimes is following through with what it tells you whilst feeling like
a) A prize goose, and
b) You have no idea what is going on.

This happened to me on Friday.
As I was meditating, a very clear message came to me from nowhere. It had nothing to do with the monkey mind thoughts running through my head at the time and it made me stop and think “Did I understand this correctly”?
Yet it kept at me. It wanted me to contact someone. Someone that I have met briefly only once but have absolutely nothing to do with. Someone completely unknown to me. Someone not even in my social circles.
I have no idea the reasoning behind it.
Yet, I tracked down a way of contacting this person and they responded inviting conversation.
Now, the ball is back in my court.
What do I say?
I’m scared of coming off like a crack pot.
But I have to put my faith in what the voice and the signs are telling me. (Yes, there have been other signs to encourage me to continue along this path).
I may come out feeling like a goose at the end of it but it could be that it’s a learning experience for me. I guess I won’t know unless I follow through.

The universe has been telling me a lot in the past couple of weeks.
I have been having some health issues. Nothing major – just enough to sit me on my backside and make me reevaluate a lot of things. Health professionals tell me that the prognosis is good. The treatment and waiting not so good. 😦
A friend of mine (who I had no idea was psychic until she came out with something one day) tells me that this is the universe smacking me up the side of the head to take notice of stuff. lol
I have also had a couple of very distinct dreams. These weren’t the usual run of the mill-how come I’m dreaming about my ex-husband-why are my children babies again-did that cat just turn into a rabbit-did this bus just float on water type of dreams.
These had something different about them.
Then there was a recurring dream that I have had for years. It changes somewhat each time but the central theme is exactly the same and my response and reactions are always the same. This time, new characters inserted themselves into the dream and it had a different ending! Like… what the? After talking with someone about the dreams and from my own reflections on the dreams, I’m convinced that they mean something.

So, I am convinced that the universe is whispering sweet nothings in my ear and the only thing that I can do is respond to the whispers.
Be true.
Be courageous.
And hope I don’t end up looking like a goose…. ….. or a cricket!

27 thoughts on “Listening to the Voice within

  1. The worst that can happen is you will end up looking like an idiot. 😉
    Lovely read Suz. The whispers of the universe… once they become audible the only thing that drowns them out is alcohol. Hold on babes, though not too tightly…you..are in for the ride of your life! ❤

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  2. Definitely listen to your gut and question. I think the meditation and slowing down sometimes allows us to hear things when we are not rushing off to the next thing and living in our heads in the future “I have to….I need to. Glad you are tuning in. Take care..

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    1. Thanks Brenda. It’s a fine line sometimes between “Am I going insane and making these things up” and “yes, the Universe/Source is actually speaking with you” lol
      Thanks for the support.


  3. It sounds like your 6th sense is in full swing these days. I’m a believer in the 6th sense, of course. I believe everyone has it, no less. It’s up to the individual to decide if he or she is going to exercise it or not, kind of like exercising the far-vision in your eyes. If you don’t use it, it doesn’t develop very far.

    Whatever you decide to do with the knowledge thrown at you, I wish you well and happiness.

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  4. Yes to listening and following those cosmic whispers – good for you! It’s hard to let go of the fear of looking like a goose, and yet it’s exactly when we follow those calls into the magical mystery that fabulous things really do happen.

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