Last night I sang … and other bits and bobs

It has been so long since I have opened my mouth and sang. I don’t know what has stopped me from doing it.
Well I do.
Nobody wants to sing when their life is filled with darkness I suppose.
That’s why I surprised myself last night.
I was in my usual auditorium where the acoustics are brilliant and the fans appreciative (on my own in the shower) and I had this sudden urge to open my mouth and sing. So I succumbed.
And it was great. Although I didn’t sing very loudly, it felt good to run over the notes and melodies and let my soul soar right along with it.
Oddly enough, the first song that came into my head was this one (sung beautifully by Donny Osmond)

Maybe the universe was trying to tell me something. Maybe my subconscious was reminding me of the time in high school when I was learning this as part of our school production before I catching pneumonia and never having the opportunity to continue with the play. I don’t know.  Either way, the sense of release and beauty unleashed by my voice was beyond wonderful. This morning, I have downloaded the full sheet music of it so I can sing some more.

Apart from my vocal shower antics, I have had a fairly productive week.
Next weekend is our local Show and I have been preparing entries to put in. Last night I finished the hand stitching on this table runner. 001I’m particularly proud of this piece because I made it without using a pattern.
I also finished up some other items to enter.
002 003I’m not really expecting too much because I have difficulty in sewing straight lines but the sense of satisfaction in completing these has been wonderful. Once the show is over, I am giving them to my mother to put on her market stalls. Although I am very taken with the table runner and just may keep it for myself.
In other news, I have been back eating well and as a wonderful bonus of my good eating, I have watched the scales drop another kilogram. However, my good work has been a little undone over the past couple of days because I caved into my oldest grand daughter’s suggestions when she spent the day with us on Wednesday to do some baking. What can I say? I love my own cooking. lol
I have been good however and still juicing, making smoothies, cooking up lots of vegetable dishes and drinking lots of water and herbal teas.
001aI feel good within myself. Let’s just hope that my doctor (who I am seeing shortly for a full physical) feels the same way. 🙂

So that is another week almost done and dusted.
For those of you wondering, my son is still not doing great. He is a work in progress however. Concrete decisions have been made about his move back near to us and he should be back within the next two months. That is one good thing.
My daughters (and one grandchild) are flying down to be with him for his birthday as well so that has made him a very happy young man and given him something to look forward to.

So on this beautiful Saturday morning I am blessed. The sun is shining. The wind has died off (thank goodness) and the sky is blue. The birds are singing and chirping (apart from the silly pee wee who flew into the front window thinking his reflection was another bird) and my water feature is bubbling away merrily.
Life is good.
Each day that I get through adds to my 100% strike rate.

And I am going to sit at the piano this afternoon and play and sing. 🙂

38 thoughts on “Last night I sang … and other bits and bobs

      1. It’s nice to be back. I arrived back to a deep sea of paid work where I have been struggling to get my head above water for a breath. Then I caught that terrible head cold virus but I’m hoping I’m back to swimming in the world again and will have time back in the blog world which I have missed. Reading back I see things haven’t been always great for you but hope there is a good turn happening now xx


        1. It’s one day at a time dear. 🙂
          I hope you get over your head cold soon. I caught the ‘flu and got over the ‘flu part pretty quickly (a week) but the cough just can’t bear to be parted from me and still hanging around weeks later.


  1. My favorite Donny Osmond song was from the movie Mulan. The one about making a man out of you. Can’t remember the title, but every time I need a boost, my first thoughts are


    1. Ooops. No, they are ” let’s get down to business”. But I don’t sing. I’m sure if I graced others with my singing abilities, all the dogs in the neighborhood would be howling.


  2. I love music, but don’t sing. I lip sync in church and other places where singing is expected. But I love music and lyrics. Keep it up, in the shower or anywhere else. I do most of my singing in the car, singing along as I drive.



  3. Adored this post Suz!
    If there is one piece of advise I could give anybody when they are feeling down it would be to just SING – sing along – sing solo – but open your mouth and sing. Something of joy – something you love. Singing really does help put a song in your heart. Dunno why – but I think it is cos we were just created that way …to sing. LOVE IT!!!


  4. Love the pink owl Suze, so fun. I’m sure a little girl somehwere would love it. You do good work – ot os all so cheerful – gpes well with your singing! Thanks Suze!


    1. Thank you Paul.
      Hey, I went to click on your blog to have a look and found out it is linked to Belinda’s blog “Idiot Writing”. You might need to check your links. lol


      1. Ha! That IW, she’s a case. I actualy don’t have a blog yet but i do have access to IW’s dashboard eve though we haven’t done any giest posting yet. Thanks for trying.


  5. Good on you Sue, you are certainly enjoying life and sharing a great diverse talents of your world.
    Good luck in the show, I have a couple of storys in a writers comp that I hope I get recognition for.


    1. Good luck with your writer’s competition. I have been looking at these competitions but haven’t been game enough to put anything in yet.
      I did okay in the show. Nothing for my photography but some great feedback from one of the camera club members but I did well in my sewing.


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