What makes me angry

The other evening, I was asked the question “What makes you angry”?
That’s a pretty good question really, and one that I answered without hesitation.
What does make me angry?
Inequality is one.
Then there are the keyboard warriors that inhabit every form of social media that spew hatred, intolerance and righteous indignation.
Then there are those that value money above all other things. Because of the mighty dollar, we retrench hundreds of workers within our country to send jobs off-shore, historic buildings are demolished to make way for shopping centres (malls) and CEOs of companies are paid hundreds of thousands of dollars for doing what exactly? And don’t get me started on the pensions and kickbacks that politicians get.
I guess I’m not alone in these types of things that make me angry. I’m sure there are many others out there who get angry over the very same things.
So, as I was ironing the other day, (my best thoughts seem to come when I do that. Maybe I should do the ironing more often πŸ˜› ). Anyway, as I was ironing, something else came to mind.
I really get angry, and hurt and demoralised when I am accused of something that I am innocent of.
As I was thinking about this, two incidents from the past few years came to mind. In each case, I was accused of something in the workplace that I didn’t do.
I have no idea where the accusations came from.
Perhaps my words were misinterpreted.
Perhaps I trusted the wrong people with my inner most thoughts.
Perhaps there was some other agenda at play that I wasn’t aware of.
Whatever was behind it, I know that I came away hurt and angry.

I put forward my side of the story but sadly, I’m not sure it was believed.
And that hurt even more. And it made me damned angry.

I don’t think there is anything worse……Okay, yes there are worse things than not being believed or accused of things that you don’t do.

But when I was asked what makes me angry, I immediately thought of the little annoying things that occur each day in this crazy world of ours.
I forgot just how angry I can get when my integrity is called into question.
So what about you? What makes you angry?

25 thoughts on “What makes me angry

  1. Mean people, bad attitudes, horn honking, back talk, people who always have to be right, people who spend too much time looking at a cell phone, lying, cheating, blaming others when you are the problem, aggressive tone of voice, construction, red lights πŸ˜‰

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  2. Injustice is probably one of the biggest things that gets me angry. Social injustice, injustice towards my loved ones, injustice towards myself if I have been treated unfairly. Having my integrity and those of others targeted is upsetting. Cruelty is a biggy.


  3. Doing a great job at my employment and having my supervisor steal the credit. That happened a lot at an art studio many years ago. Even when I finally resigned, by writing a thoughtful note, I later found out that they told people I threw a fit and screamed at the head of the company.
    Getting blamed for incidents I didn’t do. Being told by my principal that I’d called a young student “stupid” which was a complete lie. Being accused of telling an entire class to “shut up.” In both cases, they are words I never use and incidents that never happened.
    People in charge can make up anything in order to frame others. And they do. It’s made me skeptical of any kind of management. So much injustice in this world. Still, my problems are small and my heart goes out to those who suffer more.


  4. Definitely agree on the last statement Sue, when ones integrity is questioned, also when ones unconditional Love is put under the microscope. But the one that really peeves many people in Australia is, as you stated, the pensions and kickbacks that politicians get.


  5. I’d have to say what makes me angry is was acts of ill will to someone, anyone. That and people who are purposely obtuse. I’m not talking about the person who mistakenly says something wrong. I’m talking about those people who purposely bury their head in the sand.


  6. There are so many things I don’t know where to start. Most of them revolve around work and the horrible,people I speak to on the phone or who write in. There are so many unfounded accusations and so many people who seem to complain about the slightest little thing and, despite these mostly being their own fault, expect to be compensated. The compensation culture really does get my blood boiling becaue,min reality, shit hapoens and we should all learn to deal with it rather than expect someone else to pay. Oh dear, I’m ranting. πŸ™‚

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  7. A lot of things make me angry/disappointed, but then I have to stop and realize that many people make choices today based on how they have been conditioned to do so. People are led to follow the beliefs of the media, and their friends and family, instead of researching things for themselves and forming their own opinions/beliefs. It’s a sad world we live in, where people no longer take responsibility for their actions and instead place all the blame on others. They have an entitlement mentality that tells them that they are deserving of everything, without doing anything. It’s all very frustrating.


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