Walking on Trampolines

Back in 2013 I posted a review on a book that I had read entitled “Walking on Trampolines”. At the time, I didn’t realise that it had only been published within Australia so if any of my followers who might have been interested in reading it were overseas, they wouldn’t have been able to find it.
Now it appears, that it has hit the shelves in the U.S. and Canada and Frances Whiting (the author) is a little beside herself with excitement. Remember my rant about a particular author? Well it wasn’t Frances (who I also follow on Facebook). Frances is witty, funny and real. I have read all of her books and I laugh quite often at her weekly newspaper column filled as it is with the witty observations of a wife, mother and dog owner living life in this mad world of ours. Continue reading

Re-igniting the enthusiasm

This morning I took the time to listen to a recorded coaching session of myself that took place about 6 weeks ago. I used it as a yardstick for what I had accomplished as compared to what I had said that I would accomplish.
It was a fair measurement and I did okay but I failed in some areas.
What it did achieve was re-igniting my enthusiasm for writing my book.
Let’s face it, life has a way of moving in and forcing your dreams into the back seat at times.
It certainly has with me anyway. Continue reading

I have ten minutes……

before I have to get up from my computer and get dressed to go to work.
So, what will I say to you all today?
I have no idea to be honest.
Lately, the wellspring of ideas appears to be drying up.
I have noticed that my most popular posts are the ones where I bare my soul to the world but my everyday life isn’t all about despair and doom and gloom.
Believe it or not, even depressives have happy days!
So, what do I write about today?”
I don’t know at all.
It is Friday.
After today, I have two more weeks left at work.
Two weeks of mixed emotions because even though I am leaving, I do spend my days with a lot of people I like.
I also love the clients and will miss them so very much.
Part of me is dreading my last day at work almost as much as I am looking forward to beginning a new chapter.
Continue reading

Challenge – Zen Christmas!

Two of my favourite blogging friends and I (and anyone else who wished to join in) have challenged ourselves to a Zen Christmas. So far I think April from Finding Beauty in Spite of Myself and Me – Who am I? are doing quite well. I’m not sure that I’m doing as well. The weekend just past has been constant. I have visited, wrapped, shopped, baked and sewed (except for Saturday afternoon that was far too hot to do anything except lay on the couch under the fan). Last night I found myself beginning to get teary. It’s like I’m putting pressure on myself for everything to be perfect. I baked the fruit cake last night. The fruit has been soaking in rum for the past week and I figured I had better get it baked or there would be no cake this year. Last year, I tried a new recipe and received so many compliments on it, I decided that I would use the same recipe this year. I got to the spooning in the tin stage and realised I’d forgotten the walnuts. *sigh* Oh well. We can live without nuts. Then my oven decided it would bake the cake faster than I’m sure its meant to be baked. Even though I pulled it out far earlier than the recommended baking time, I think it may be a little dry. Why am I worrying? My family will eat it. I know they will. But I wanted it to be perfect. Then there is the cushion for my MIL. I have unpicked that thing twice but finally got it right last night. I finished up only to find that the binding hadn’t caught properly underneath. Rather than unpick it all to do it again, I am going to finish it off with hand sewing. The tears threatened at that point. They really did. I didn’t get the apricot balls and rum balls made. The Tween made the apricot balls. Now I’m concerned we won’t have enough so I am going to send the GG and the Tween out to get more ingredients today so that I can make more tonight. Tonight I have to ice the cake, make the Yule log for work and make the rum balls. I feel guilty because I haven’t had the opportunity to do much of the housework yet. The GG told me not to worry. That he and the Tween will get it all done for me but I worry that I should have done it myself. I know I need to cut myself a break. I do.

So I am saying to myself…. breathe…..breathe…..breathe…..