Another old journal post to share today:

“Today I want to talk about time. Time is important for us all. It provides structure to our days and helps us in countless ways. However, many people become slaves to time. There are exceptions to this rule I know. I have family members who we always know will turn up for any event at least an hour late. We expect this. We laughingly refer to their lateness as running on ‘Joseph Time’.

This morning I thought about myself. I have a morning routine. I keep a close eye on the clock and have a ‘to do’ list to work through before I leave the house. It was (my partner’s) day off work and he wished me to spend some time with him. I explained that I had things to do and went off to do them. I then realised that my life wasn’t going to fall apart if I didn’t get one of my chores done. It would still be there for me to complete later. If I have learned one thing as I travel this journey called life, it is that the people who share our journey are more important than sticking to routines and watching time. I went back to spend time with the most important man in my life. It put me behind a bit but hey! this is life.

Cat Stevens sang a song about a father and son who never had time for each other. At the end of the song the father realises that spending time with his son was far more important than sticking to routines and watching time. By the time he made this realisation, it was too late because the son now had no time to spend with his father. It has taken me years to learn this truth.

I remember once meeting a family and spending time with them. The father lamented that his home was always messy and cluttered. In the next breath he stated that he was so proud of his wife because she was an awesome mother who dedicated her life to their children and spent every minute doing things with them. Maybe this was an example of taking time management to the other extreme. I guess a healthy balance is important.

So time is an interesting beast. We can choose to become slaves to it and lose out on some of the important things in life or we can use time to our own advantage. I think I prefer the latter option. ”

Journal entry 16th February, 2013

Having lost too many people that I love as I travel along journey called ‘life, I have learned that spending time with them is far more important than whether I get the dishes done this morning or do the ironing. I try to take the time to follow Miss-almost-twelve-going-on-twenty-five out to the trampoline or front garden so she can show me just how well she is doing with her front walk-overs or hand stands. I say ‘try’ because sometimes I don’t do it. So I guess I’m falling a little short in practicing what I preach. However I will continue to ‘preach’ it. Don’t become a slave to time and take the time to appreciate the people and the beauty around you because unfortunately, time goes on but these other things are finite.

Have a beautiful day 🙂


11 thoughts on “Time

  1. It is so funny you wrote this today! I have been having a ‘discussion’ with my therapist about what would happen if I diverted from my morning routine. She asked me if it would be the end of my world, I said yes. That is when she told me those were OCD tendencies. ? So, I tried not to freak out about not getting to one item on my to do list. Next thing I know, I have no more morning routine. One thing is for sure, that never changes–I will be having my coffee and listening to the silence.


  2. You are absolutely right. This is something that I have been saying a lot this year. Having lost my stepfather of a sudden and quick illness back in March, it really hit home how quick life can be stripped away. I *try* now to put my family time first. Speaking of which, I think I’ll jump off here and go read a book to my son. Thank you for this reminder!


  3. Oh, my mom has been singing that Cat Stevens song to me a lot lately. Her way of making me feel guilty about not spending time with her.

    What’s interesting is I am able to sacrifice things like chores so that I can get more writing done, because I figure the chores will always be there later, but I have to get my novel finished–I’ve been working on the dang thing for over a year. But I’m not so good at sacrificing my writing for my family.

    My husband has taken a backseat to my work for a couple of months now, watching TV by himself until I get off the computer around 7 or 8 p.m. I finally decided enough was enough and suggested we spend all day together Saturday doing Halloween activities. Now, I just have to make time for my mom. People are what’s important, right?


    1. Since I’ve been writing, I’m finding that the computer is becoming my second home again (after work that is). I really am trying hard to make time for my family but sometimes it feels as if they are taking a back seat again. Good luck with your endeavors to get the right work-life balance.


  4. I so agree with you. Nothing is more important than spending time with people you love and care for – when there is still time. And, yet, time does try to make us slaves, or more correctly we let us become slaves of time and routines. When I forget time, like when I am hiking in the wilderness I never run out of time. Father and son is a great song by the way.


    1. Cat Stevens certainly has some good songs. I am trying to get the right balance in my life and adopting the slogan “Make memories – not money”. Although money is a good thing to have, it doesn’t enrich our lives in the same way that the people we love do does it?


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