Ooops, I’m doing it again….

Starting a new quilt I mean 🙂

ImageYesterday we visited Boonah and a store called Maynards. Not much has changed in this store since it opened in 1944. I browsed through clothing, shoes, men’s clothing, hats, purses and handbags and other such items and then I found the material!!! There were bins of off-cuts and panels. At this point, the GG and the Tween wandered off and left me because they knew they were fighting a losing battle to remove me from the store without purchasing something. I found this off cut and thought it would look great in a scrappy quilt. So I looked for a binding material that would suit it, a couple of fat quarters and some cotton. The rest of the quilt would come from my stash.

Today, I decided to start cutting everything out. I discovered that the large piece of fabric that I had chosen for my background wasn’t quite enough so I’ve had to put in a couple of fat quarters to make up enough squares.

ImageThen I began to cut the pellon I had. Guess what?? I don’t have enough so I have to buy some more. *sigh*

ImageI guess I’m just a sucker for punishment 🙂


21 thoughts on “Ooops, I’m doing it again….

  1. Sucker for punishment?? No, just an artist of textiles and feeling frustration at the moment. You do have a talent that I envy, My grams and I put together by hand many a quilt on her old rack set up in the bedroom. I wish I had paid closer attention, regret it to this day but gave me a great appreciation for those that can put them together, quilters have a special ‘eye’ I believe for placing patterns and colors., Looking forward to seeing the final creation!


    1. Thank you Len. I’m not so sure it is a special eye. I have chosen all of these fabrics to blend in with the off-cut that I purchased. Hopefully they will all pull together well. 🙂


    1. I can’t believe I’d never been in Maynards before. I’ll definitely be going back there. It’s almost as close as going to Browns Plains so that’s pretty good for me. 🙂


    1. I didn’t even know myself last year. I have a fantastic teacher who has shown me some basics. Being me, I often race ahead to do things myself and make heaps of mistakes though. 🙂


  2. Don’t you just hate to get those creative juices flowing then have to stop? Happens to the best of us! My daughter and I put together the quilt top for the new baby while I was visiting last week. I left it with her to finish. Hope she can find the time with 3 young ones now. 🙂 You will get yours going soon I’m sure!


    1. It’s a little annoying. 🙂
      I had to substitute the fat quarters into the backing fabric because the fabric I had was a one-off purchase from a garage sale (yard sale). There was no way I can purchase more of that.
      I can still do some work on the quilt but need to get the pellon to finish it.
      Your quilt sounds wonderful. I hope she can finish it also. 🙂


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