Future Intentions

This morning I was thinking about some of my intentions for this year. (I have still to do my vision board but will share when done).
One of my intentions is to write more – not just blog posts. I want to re-work my book proposal and idea and play around with that concept. But I also want to write some fictional short stories. I’ve got a couple of stories here that I began many moons ago that need ‘fleshing out’, hard editing and reworking so I’ll begin with them.

Another of my intentions is to travel. In the past months, I have developed a desire to learn more of my roots. This would entail a trip to Budapest to meet family I have never met and to visit the place where my father grew up before defecting the country. I figured that if I am going to leave my country to visit another, then I may as well plan a trip. When I looked at flights and realised that that many flights require stop-overs and flight changes, and that I wouldn’t be able to leave the airport I was a bit miffed. I’ve planned out a trip in my mind (and on paper) where I travel, stop for a couple of days and then travel on again. This way we can see parts of the world that I have always wanted to. So far, this is a dream but I am working on the GG.

The other thing I want to do more of is to read. I am challenging myself to get through the pile of books beside my bed. I must curb my appetite for purchasing new fodder (2 new e-books, one received in the mail and another one just ordered) that many of you enablers out there are sharing with me as well. I will never get through the pile if I keep adding to it 😉

And I want to take more photos again and try to keep up with scrapping them. I saw a system the other day called “Project Life”. It is quite expensive to start with but I figure that I don’t need to buy all the little bits and pieces of the kits because I have a craft room full of stuff that I can cut down to size and do myself. After a chat with a fellow blogger last night (I’m planning a special Fellow Blogger feature for her in February), I have decided to work on this and try to keep my family scrapbooks up to date (currently 5 years behind). This will entail taking photos.

I have also set the intention to put our last two holidays into photobooks ( 😳 not done that yet).

So to end this post – here are some photos from both of those holidays 🙂

25 thoughts on “Future Intentions

  1. I loved looking through your photos. Australia has such diversity to enjoy. I know what you mean about incomplete holiday books. I decided to do my first from our Central Australia 2012 jaunt and got it started….I must return to that project. How I wish I were retired and had those extra hours to fill with personal projects. As I don’t want to wish my life away though, I shall just hope for a lotto win so I can have an early retirement lol


    1. Since I try to put a bit of a travel diary in mine as well, I do the diaries up as digital layouts and convert to jpeg. That makes it a little more time consuming 😦 Oh well… I will do this.


  2. I hope, that you will find the right solution for your travel, so you can have all the stops, as you wish to. I know this about being behind with the photos, and it doesn’t take so much time, when first we are started. But demand abundance of energy.

    You are a great photographer, the photos here are really nice. I’m looking forward to see more.

    My vision-board is not ready yet, but I write down, when I mind something to remember.
    The other day, I read another blog, I got the idea about making goals for every month, which I will try too. I think, this will be more easy to come true, but we will see.
    Thanks for sharing.


    1. I like the idea of a monthly vision board. I think my mother was going to do a quarterly one. Let me know who it works out for you Irene.
      And thanks for your nice words on my photos 🙂


  3. I ALMOST wrote, “Sue! That photo of you next to the drink. You need more sunscreen.” };-)>

    No more book purchases for you, young lady, until you’ve read the ones you already have.

    Take care. ❤


    1. Oh dear! I had to take a photo of the drink to prove that I have now had a Cosmopolitan at a bar in Melbourne. I then proudly posted it to FB so that all my friends would become insanely jealous. 😉
      If people would stop writing books, I might stop buying them 😉


  4. After reading this, I’m embarrassed. I have four books I’ve been meaning to read or finish reading, yet they sit while I read blog posts, write blog posts, clean the house, and watch way too much TV. True the first three are worthwhile things to do but I should make time to read. It’s worthwhile too. Right? I just need to get my rear end in gear. That’s all there is to it. Thanks for the wakeup call.


    1. If anyone should be embarrassed, it should be me. I have books beside my bed that I bought two years ago. Don’t beat yourself up Glynis. At least you are finding the time to do housework! 😉


  5. I wish you success with your travel plans. They sound delightful and meaningful. I’ve already committed to some travel for myself.

    As for the reading and writing, maybe we should plan to challenge each other. I’ve determined to focus during January on finding a satisfactory way to get “Mrs. Job” republished with a different title. And I do want to read more, and then write reviews on amazon.com. It seems that if reading gets done it happens when I wake up at 3:00 a.m.

    And I’m also eager to get writing on “My Father’s House.” The first step is to organize the historical, genealogical, and biographical information I’ve pulled together, write a chapter by chapter plan, and then write it. If nothing else, I’m coming to understand my own family, and therefore myself, as I have never done before. (And I thought there was nothing new to discover.)

    Lets have fun!


    1. Sounds great Mona – both the travel and the writing and reading 🙂
      I’m going to put my travel plans – complete with pictures up on a poster in my bedroom. I will make it happen!! lol
      Isn’t it funny how you continue to learn new things all the time?


  6. I really enjoyed your photos, and I’m assuming it’s your tween in some of the shots. Beautiful girl! Especially next to the Krispy Kremes. I’m taking it one step at a time. My first adventure is that zip line tour in the Spring for my sister. Yeah, I’ll let my husband touch my camera and see if he can get some shots to share.


    1. That sounds awesome. You’re a braver woman than I am. I have a fear of heights. If you’re worried about your husband touching your camera – get him one of his own! lol
      And yes, that is my Tween. The middle child is the one in the photos forming a snow ball in his hands! lol


  7. The scenery in those pictures is absolutely beautiful! I can’t say I’m not a tad bit jealous. Our scenery looks nothing like that, unless I drive an hour away. All of your intentions for this year are great. As I mentioned before, the year just began. You never know what might be in store. At least you have a game plan. That’s a great start.


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