Let’s try again…..

My oldest daughter (who reads this blog but only comments on it when she calls or texts me) tells me that I should begin again with “F is for Failure”.
In my defense, I have an excuse. It’s called ‘life’ and sometimes it is rougher than at other times.
I apologise. Every time I think I am getting somewhere, something happens. Continue reading

Through my Lens – Sugar Loaf Point Lighthouse

Join me on our travels further south down the New South Wales coast to the little town of Seal Rocks and the Sugar Loaf Point Lighthouse. I had discovered this little gem of a place whilst surfing the net one evening and suggested that we make it a point to visit on our road trip.
Unfortunately I didn’t take photos of the village (because it is not big enough to be a town) of Seal Rocks itself  that consisted of many holiday homes, beach shacks and a general store/post office. We had a mission to reach Sydney by nightfall so if we wished to explore the lighthouse, then we needed to forgo further sightseeing as I had already wasted valuable time that morning in the book fair. 😉 Continue reading

Through my Lens – Dorrigo and Bellingen

After bidding farewell to Coffs Harbout, we headed south for a short time before turning inland toward Bellingen and Dorrigo along the Waterfall Way.
Bellingen is nestled in the Bellinger Valley on the Bellinger River. It is lush and green and the grass looks almost good enough to eat.
The many dairy cows appeared to be well fed and quite content.
The town itself is quite old and the area is home to many artists and creative people. I was instantly in love with the architecture and atmosphere, however we drove straight through in order to reach Dorrigo.
Time enough to explore Bellingen on our way back down. Continue reading

Monochrome Madness Wednesday – Cape Otway

It’s that time of the week once more.
The day of the week when Monochrome rules supreme and the amazing talents of photographers world wide are on show for all to see on Leanne Cole’s blog. Don’t forget that anyone can send a photo to Leanne for this challenge. You don’t have to be a professional, or even have a you-beaut-bells-and-whistles camera. The instructions for submitting your photo is on her blog.

This week, my photo comes from many years ago when we were travelling the Great Ocean Road in Victoria. Continue reading

Through my Lens – Byron Bay

I have posted photos before from Byron Bay however on our last road trip (a few weeks ago), we passed through Byron once more.
Each time we visit we hope there will be less people, less traffic and somewhere to park at the lighthouse and each time we come away disappointed.
Byron Bay is located in New South Wales just below the Queensland border in the Northern Rivers region. It is surrounded by farming areas and is home to a magnificent beach that is popular with surfers. Continue reading

Through my Lens – Lightning Ridge

Reading the website for Lightning Ridge this morning, I literally laughed out loud at the opening words:

Have they all been touched by the sun? There’s something deliciously, refreshingly, awe-inspiringly crazy about the people of Lightning Ridge.

I would have to agree.
Driving into Lightning Ridge along a rather uninspiring bitumen road doesn’t prepare you for what you encounter within the (rather small) town that is Lightning Ridge. Continue reading

Through my Lens – Dubbo Gaol and on the road once again

When we first arrived in Dubbo, we knew we would be spending more than one night there so booked a room at one of the many, many motels for two nights.
It is easy to spend a full day at the zoo and we knew that we would do that and be quite exhausted at the end of it all. Having learned our mistake from a previous visit in which we spent all day at the zoo, got very sunburned and then drove another 100 kilometres or so afterwards to collapse in exhaustion that night, we knew better this time around. Continue reading