Just another normal night. What is normal anyway?

I live in a house of quirk. I have blogged about this before.
My family have the weirdest sense of humour and the problem is, we all get it!!
But last night takes the cake.I had gone to our ensuite for my evening toilette.
After I had taken my seat, the noise of a race car going a million miles per hour down the straight assailed me ears.
Once I had peeled myself from the ceiling and thought rationally, I realised it sounded very much like the ‘door bell’ I had bought for the Garden Gnome many years ago and now lives in his bar area.
I called out “Okay, you got me. That’s very funny” but before I had a chance to take another breath, the racing car took off again from somewhere behind me (in the wall?) and disappeared into nothingness.
“Knock it off will ya?” were the next words from my mouth.
The bathroom descended into peace once more and I was able to resume my previous contemplation.
And then a voice (that appeared to come from the dirty clothes basket and sounded vaguely familiar) said “I’m watching you”.
My reply was “You are not. Knock it off”.
The reply came back “I see dead people”.
“You’ll be dead in a minute” was the retort. And then peace reigned once more.
Until I began to laugh.
It can only happen in my home.

p.s. It didn’t have the same effect on the Tween later who ran sobbing from the bathroom crying “Mum. Dad scared me”.

Just another night in the madhouse we call home.

21 thoughts on “Just another normal night. What is normal anyway?

  1. OMG, after the day I had at work (teaching, and specifically dealing with a small group of kids who just don’t wanna do anything at all) this just made my day. So sorry for your tween, but someday she is gonna have a good laugh at this one also. Funny quirk, your man.


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