Why I blog….

A few days ago I read a blog post discussing the reasons that people blog. The main point that I took from the post was the poster likening blogging to Facebook and accusing those who blog of showing narcissism through their choice of what they post about.
Whilst I understand this person’s reasons for blogging are to raise awareness of issues in the world, I believe that they overlooked the fact that by highlighting these issues, they were in fact  highlighting their PERSONAL opinions of these issues thereby negating their argument. However, it is that person’s right to blog about whatever they wish – just as it my right to blog about whatever I wish to also.
I agree that many people who blog, blog about themselves. To be quite honest, I don’t see why they shouldn’t. After all, the word ‘blog’ is just a contraction of two words – ‘web’ and ‘log’.
Historically, a log was an official record of events during the voyage of a ship or aircraft. Star Trek famously filmed scenes with the captains recording their thoughts and observations in the ‘Captain’s Log’.
Therefore it stands to reason that if a person who blogs is recording events and their own feelings about them then they are posting exactly what a blog was originally created for.
The great thing about writing a blog is that we are able to share with others and those others just may find what we have to say (or what we are going through)  helpful. Not many of us follow blogs where we don’t like what is written that’s for sure. That’s why ‘follow’ buttons were created. If we don’t like the content then we merely click the little red ‘x’ in the top right hand corner and go on about our day. That’s what I do and I don’t see why others can’t do the same thing.
then again,  I also follow Jason (Opinionated Man) at HarsH ReaLiTy who I don’t always agree with but find his blog is definitely entertaining – and like me, he also is entitled to his opinion.

So why do I blog? I once wrote a post entitled Why I write that outlined many of my reasons for writing and blogging. Those reasons included:

  • I write to share experiences so that others will know they are not alone. Too often when we are going through hiccups in life, we feel isolated and alone believing that we are the only ones who have ever felt this way and there is no way out.
  • I write to extend my hand to others. Because no one should feel alone.
  • I write to get the jumble in my head into some sort of coherent order (and free up some space in there for more jumbled thoughts).
  • I write because as my fingers dance over the keyboard, it is music to my ears. It is such a satisfying sound.
  • I write because I can’t stand to see a page devoid of words. Yep, love those stores filled with empty books just begging to be filled with words. I’d love a Typo gift card for Christmas (hint hint family).
  • I write because by writing, I am healing.
  • I write to learn more about myself. It’s amazing what comes out with the right prompts.
  • I write so that I can leave a legacy for my children. Not sure if they’ll ever want to read my ramblings but you never know.
  • I write because it is a blessing to be able to share with others. I am blessed by all of you on WordPress.
  • I write because I can!

Since writing those words, I have found other reasons to add to the list including:

  • I write because I see so much beauty in the world that I just want to share it because everyone needs a little beauty in their day.
  • I write because sometimes I’m just so darn angry/hurt/upset or otherwise with events that are going on in the world or in my own life.
  • I write because I sometimes read really awesome stuff that is relevant to my life or strikes a chord and I wonder if others might not also enjoy what I have read.
  • I write because I believe a life without words is a life not worth living. (Actually I’d have to add music and beauty in there as well as a life devoid of these things is quite grey really).
  • I write because writing gives my life meaning.
  • I write because some days memories just come flooding back and I need to bring them to life with the written word. My memories become more real in doing so.
  • I write because in doing so I express the real me. So much of what I say and do if often misinterpreted but when I write, it is really me. Wholly me. Uncensored. Words often tumble out of my mouth completely unedited but when I write, I have the chance to really think about what I am saying.

There are probably a great many more reasons for writing and blogging that would come to mind if I took the time to think of more however yesterday I found a graphic that summed up everything about writing and blogging for me:

If that is narcissistic then so be it. I prefer to think of it as a way of helping others.
It is my desire that in blogging (and writing) I not only help myself but am able to help others along the way.
Surely that is as a good a reason as any to blog.

63 thoughts on “Why I blog….

  1. Hmm. I wrote a post last November all about the narcissism of blogging (http://mindfuldigressions.com/2013/11/28/the-narcissism-of-blogging/) in which I did suggest that blogging is a bit narcissistic. I’m not sure if that’s the one you were referring to. After all, I’m sure I’m not the only one who has said something to that effect.

    We all have our reasons for blogging, and most of us blog because we like to write and it provides a creative outlet as well as an opportunity to organize our thoughts and speak our minds about what we consider meaningful, important, humorous, or worthwhile.

    But in the end, it is about believing that what we, as bloggers, have to say, and the way we say it, is worthwhile for others to read. Whether it’s because we want to inspire people, inform people, entertain people, or help people, as your graphic says, “I want someone to look at me….”

    So blogging is, as I posited in my post on this subject, a selfie with words. It’s a way to get your opinions heard, to get noticed, to get appreciated. So, it is a bit narcissistic. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing. It’s just what it is. And as a blogger myself, I admit that there is a bit of narcissism inherent in my blogging.

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    1. It wasn’t actually your post Doob. It was a post belonging to someone I found through a search in my reader. 🙂
      I agree that blogging is slightly narcisstic and yes it could be likened to a selfie with words. After all, we are describing ourselves rather than showing the picture.
      A photo is so one dimensional really but words add so much more. I took issue with the fact that this person was basically saying that blogging about ourselves is pointless and should be used as a platform to raise awareness for social issues rather than sharing our lives and opinions on things.

      I also agree wholeheartedly that whilst we are pursuing our creative outlet we believe that what we have to say is worthwhile sharing with others. If we weren’t able to do that then the world would be devoid of so many authors.
      So basically I believe we should both keep on blogging! 😀

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  2. I began blogging without a clue as to what I wanted – I was actually lonely. I at first posted little and I made helpful comments at other blogs and I noticed that when I read blogs and gave thought to what others were wondering or saying that I began to feel more healthy. So, in time, about three years before I joined wordpress, I was blogging to share my serenity.

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  3. I’m actually just starting blogging and i enjoy writing that inspires, that tells a story, that rings true and real and honest.

    Neat post Suz – i enjoyed it a lot. Veyr helpful

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  4. Well, I never! Okay, I hear it all the time actually. People asked me, in many different ways, “Joey, what makes you think anyone wants to read a bunch of stupid stories about your life?” My answer was that I didn’t care if anyone did, I just wanted to write them.
    I enjoy your posts, Sue. I enjoy reading and relating to your feelings. Your perspectives enlighten aspects of my own life. I adore the pictures, I really do.

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  5. The more ordinary people around the world communicate and find things that they have in common, the better. Blogging has made me friends and revealed the generosity of others… currently I’m sleeping under a blog friendship blanket! If blogging is Narcissistic, so is talking.


  6. We all have a ’cause’ for which we write. We all do it in different ways. Perhaps some start out as their cause being themselves. Why should it not be. SO many people are short of a community and if they find one online (like we have here a lot!) then why should they be denied that outlet because they may appear conceited?? Dumb.
    A bit of self value is not narcy. Wanting other peoples engagement and interaction and connection – is not narcy. Wanting to give to others does not make you narcy(even if you have nothing to share – which is never true because everyone has!) what DOES make someone narcy – is to declare other people redundant in what they are trying to do or feel they have to offer the world. ‘YOU are not good enough’ – Your life is not good enough to be a light or example of triumph – or even just entertaining – or beautiful pictures etc. Expressing that if we only do something the way THEY do it – then we are worthy or good – then we are accepted is NARCISSISTIC. NArc has been defined as ‘thinking oneself worthy of attention’ Whereas what narc actually means is’ Thinking others UNWORTHY of ANY attention or the ability to do anything of any value.
    This whole narc thing has been so over used hey. People go about tossing it around like we toss around ‘love’. A full blown Narc simply – does not value or even acknowledge anyone other then themselves…and what THEY are doing or are good at. it is all a charade.
    Surely we do not blog because we think EVERYONE will read our words and think how wonderful we are? (well I guess some do) but we write because it is a joy to us to do so. And sharing it we hope that someone will feel that joy or journey to that joy..as you said.
    Humpph ppffft.
    The hardest part about even contemplating marketing oneself as an author or even motivational writer or inspirational is the whole ‘WE have to make ourselves LOOK valuable’ – — bloody hell… how hard is THAT dear?
    Sorry = prattling on… I can see why you wrote this post – cos it does hit sensitive spots for those of us who just about cringe at praise or acknowledgement. It takes a LOT for a LOT of us to step out and present what we either ARE good at or would LIKE to be good at – to others -instead of hiding under a rock. And one day – we MAY VERY well have MORE impact toward whatever causes we see fit to indulge in..because you know why? Because we are being REAL about who we are – TA DA! LOL!
    ANd to ADD – YOUR words (and some of the other commentators here) have often helped me through those mindblow moments – and put things in perspective. We ARE a community. 😀 ❤


    1. I have thought the same thing myself B in that many words are over-used and then taken out of context and I believe that this is one such word. Someone said to me the other day “Narcissism is when you love yourself right” and I had to explain that there is a difference between self love and believing that you are the centre of the universe and all others are merely there for your benefit.
      Thanks for weighing in with your response babe. Much appreciated.


      1. You are welcome Suz. I think you nailed it there..with the centre of the universe thing! LOL! Yeah – we get mixed up with all the terms – and then some poor person gets called a narc and then reads what a narc actually is and has a nervous breakdown thinking they are just awful…when maybe they just like to brush their hair often! Bloody stupid really! (and annoying)


                    1. Narcissist. And no – it was perfectly lovely Suz… someone who can say something so nasty is SIMPLY trolling you dearest lady. It needs NO prompting. THAT is what narcs do – bring you down FOR NO REASON with NO SENSE – and make you go crazy wondering WHAT DID I DO?
                      So stop wondering..you wont find the answer.


  7. Hi Suz, as you know Mrs Sensible is a teacher, so I decided to write a very serious and informative blog about the crazy way the Italian state decides who gets a teaching contract and who is left on the shelf.

    I spent an afternoon working on my post, but after several hours it still looked like a rant, so I closed my laptop and took a wine break. After 2 or 4 glasses of wine, life became clearer and the result is my little blog of madness.


    1. That wine always helps right Pecora?
      But you know what? Why shouldn’t you have posted your rant? After all, it is something that was dear to your heart and you needed to express it. Although I guess in writing it out, it gave you some relief…. and the wine just deepened that relief even further! 🙂


  8. Oh gosh I’ve never thought of blogging as narcissistic!
    In fact, I think of it as one big online friendship fest – the sharing of ideas, vacations, photos, thoughts, hopes, dreams, sadness, successes – and the getting back of all that love that we put out there. We all start for different reasons, but one of the reasons we continue is the community that we have found.
    I’m so glad you keep writing and posting and sharing!! Your honest is inspiring!

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  9. Thought provoking post Sue, obviously people blog for many different reasons, I blog to share some of the great adventures in my life, particularly sharing the behind the scenes beauty of our great country. I like others blogs who do the same, its great to learn of places and peoples from around this small globe we call earth.


  10. There are so many people who sit in judgement of the world and those who live on it. I see the internet and social media in its various forms as a massive community, an extension of our own neighbourhoods. Just like you have little groups gather and chat about their lives, family events, their kids, their car, their holiday, their hobbies, share their photographs, their cake, their dinner, give tips on gardening, sewing, making money go further, console each other’s losses, uphold each other when they are struggling, rejoice when they are celebrating we do the same in the blogsphere. Increasingly where communities and neighbourhoods are being squeezed down through a lack of time to spend with one another, a lack of trust in one another and a media imposed fear for our safety and where people have less kids, where families move house more often for work, where kids move further away for work and schooling we have a need to create a community in this new way. People have lived communally since time began and we’re not going to stop just because life makes it harder for us. The internet gives us an opportunity to not only develop a community but to make that community vast and to include such a diversity of people that would be unprecedented in our traditional commnal existence. That’s a great thing.

    Do we see a group of mums sitting in the garden of one of their homes enjoying a cup of tea and a slice of cake, chatting about their kids, their clothes, their jobs or relationships narcisistic? When we see a neighbour who we know has been travelling and ask them about their trip and they bring out photos to show us, do we say they are being narciistic for sharing their adventure? No of course not.

    The people who think that’s what is happening on social media are the same people in the physical neighbourhood who never speak, never engage, turn the lights off when trick or treaters and carol singers approach, don’t welcome newcomers to the street, let someone else clear their driveway of snow or leaves, watch from behind curtains when a neighbour is struggling and scurry in and out of their home, hiding behind their 8 foot high fence or wall terrified that someone might bid them a good day. The very same people who hide behind their twitchy curtains watching the neighbourhood go about its business complaining and uttering curses about people they don’t know and don’t want to engage with, are the very same people who don’t understand community in the real world so we can’t expect them to understand community in the virtual one?

    We blog because we are social beings, we blog because we want to and we blog because it’s allowed.


    1. I love your comparison between blogging and the old fashioned community where people swapped stories and helped each other. That is such a fantastic comparison and one that I had not thought of.
      It is true that the sense of community is sadly lacking in society today. Although I live in a large country town, there is very little of that within it now except amongst the long time residents. I think that sense of community needs to be re-established because as wonderful as technology and the internet is, it has caused too many people to become isolated.

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