Rise above the Storm

The other afternoon, the Tween (nearly Teen now) and I were outside photographing two storm fronts that were coming over.
We won’t discuss the fact that stress is causing me to have brain farts such as forgetting how to set my camera to bulb function that meant I didn’t get too many lightning shots. 😦
Anyway, after a lightning bolt landed in a paddock not too far away and my assistant screamed “We’re going to die” we high-tailed it back inside to the relative safety of the indoors to wait out the storm.
The lights flickered once or twice however we never lost power and the thunder rumbled around us for a short while.
Then suddenly it was over.
The Tween wandered outside and came back in with a puzzled look on her face.

“The sun sets over that way right?” she asked as she was pointing west.
“Sure does” we replied.
“Then how come there are rays over the other side of our house”? Grabbing my camera I raced outside once more and snapped away.
Somehow after the storm, the light was refracting from the sunset onto clouds in the east.
016I was astounded at this beauty and reminder that there is always light after the storms in life.
Walking to the end of the driveway I was amazed at the beauty of the sunset over the mountains so I stood out in the street to capture this shot.
028aWe are all going to encounter difficult times in life but it is in remembering that in rising above the storms we will encounter the light that gives us strength.
Storms in nature do not last forever and neither do the storms of life.

The sun will always show its face again.

38 thoughts on “Rise above the Storm

  1. Nicely said Sue. Was the Tween your assistant? πŸ™‚ I would love to take some lightning shots but I would have to go outside to do it……maybe one day I will be brave enough to go somewhere where I am dry but can look out over the ocean to take a picture. Right now when it storms I like to be tucked up at home. Oh where is the adventure in that?


    1. I only have one drama queen in this house! lol
      I began taking the photos out on my driveway but as it got a little closer I retreated under the cover of the awning on my garage (and behind one of the parked cars).

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    1. I’m still experimenting with getting storm shots. I had the camera set up on the tripod so I could open the shutter but then I forgot how to do it all so resorted to hand held. I shoot on AV mode these days.


  2. Well done ( as an aside it would have been tragic to avoid getting hit by lightning only to get struck by a car while standing in the street). Excellent pictures. And i agree – we do rise above the hardships/storms.


  3. Beautiful pictures and powerful words! I’ve heard of that sunset phenomenon before, on The Weather Channel, I can’t remember what causes it but it is really cool, isn’t it?


  4. Having rays in the east is unusual to say the least. If I was any good at all at taking pictures, I’d be out there too shooting away.


    1. It was quite spectacular. I was speaking to a lady the other day who was telling me that she arrived home to any empty house on that afternoon because her husband and daughter were at the end of the street photographing them as well.


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